Shnelvar Calls for Renewed State Militia for Security

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Shnelvar Calls for Renewed State Militia for Security

Ralph Shnelvar For Governor
October 18, 2002

Libertarians call for the State Militia to handle homeland security

Shnelvar affirms complete support for Gresh's call for activation of citizens' state militia.

Shnelvar blasts Owens for creating new but totally ineffective state agency.

Shnelvar at African American Voice forum today. Today, Friday, Steve Gresh (Libertarian Candidate for Colorado State Representative, House District 20) is scheduling a press conference for

Noon , Friday, Oct. 18, 2002 Centennial Hall 200 S. Cascade Ave. Colorado Springs.

Although Shnelvar will be in Colorado Springs, he will be unable to attend because of a prior commitment. Shnelvar will be participating in a candidate's forum sponsored by the African American Voice. Nonetheless, he lends his complete support for Gresh.

The African American Voice forum will be held at International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Hall 2150 Naegle Road Colorado Springs Friday, October 18, 2002, 11 - 1 p.m.

The United States is under attack from an insidious enemy. This is an enemy that revels in killing innocent civilians. This is an enemy that understands how to exploit every weakness in our government's centralized command and control system.

Imagine that our state was attacked. Imagine any threat at all. Will a Homeland Security Bureaucracy currently consisting of exactly two people be able to do anything but watch the local news to determine what is going on?

On 9/11, our president was in Air Force One and was frustrated that he was unable to get accurate information about what damage had been done. Our president was in what is most likely the most sophisticated mobile communications system in the world. He was blind.

What would happen to the average American citizen when we happen to face another large terrorist attack?

The stark lesson is that centralized command and control does not work against terrorism. The federal government is ignoring this simple lesson and our current governor is ignoring it.

"Bill Owens' answer to the threat of terrorism was to create a new centralized bureaucracy. His office of homeland security is now two men sitting in an office. Owens' solution is more government talking to government. As governor, I will instead obey the Colorado Constitution and revitalize the state's militia," Libertarian Ralph Shnelvar said. "Our security can only be assured when the people are directly involved."

Shnelvar continued, "When an attack occurs, our police will be overwhelmed. Our fire and other rescue systems will be responding to the most pressing emergencies. Mothers and fathers will be left with no system to help protect their children. A decentralized civilian-based civil defense system must be put in place to protect the citizens of Colorado."

Article XVII of the Colorado Constitution states, "The militia of the state shall consist of all able-bodied male residents of the state between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years..." The state's highest law continues, "The governor shall appoint all general, field and staff officers and commission them."

Shnelvar said, "The Colorado Constitution is clear. It requires the governor to organize the state's militia. Owens has abnegated his legal responsibilities on this score. A strong state militia is always important to handle emergencies and deter foreign aggressors. But now, after terrorists have attacked America, it is especially important that we, the citizens of Colorado, take prudent steps to assure our safety.

"The Constitution exempts conscientious objectors, and as a Libertarian I do not believe in forcing people into militia service. But if we organize the skills of the thousands of willing volunteers in Colorado, we will be much securer against terrorists and, in addition, all other kinds of disasters.

"As governor, I will mandate responsible training with fire suppression equipment, emergency medical supplies, and firearms in order to maintain a quality state militia. Those in the state militia will become the backbone of Colorado's emergency safety system. Trained professionals would continue to deal with the worst emergencies.

"Our civilian militia must be trained with firearms because a large terrorist attack could well lead to mass unrest that an overburdened military and police could not respond to. At the same time, I want those who are not in the militia to be able to defend their homes and their children from rioters and looters. I will work to make sure private gun ranges remain safe from political attacks so that everyone can learn to protect themselves."

Recently, the Denver Police Department released it's file on the Libertarian Party. The DPD referred to the LP as a "militia type organization" and said it is "pro gun rights."

Shnelvar responded, "The Libertarian Party certainly supports the right to bear arms. The party itself, however, is not a 'militia type organization' -- it is active only in the political arena. But every governor, regardless of party affiliation, is required by the Colorado Constitution to maintain a state militia. As a Libertarian, I would proudly and vigorously fulfill my legal responsibilities."

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