LP: Don't Remove DA Term Limits

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LP: Don't Remove DA Term Limits

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 14th, 2002
CONTACT: Mike Seebeck, Public Information Director
PHONE: (719) 382-9529
EMAIL: colorado@libertarianparty.us
WEB: www.lpcolorado.org


The Libertarian Party of Colorado announces its opposition to Referendum A -- Exempt Elected District Attorneys from Term Limits.

"District Attorneys have traditionally had tremendous power, even more so than police or councilmen, and while they have that power, they should not have a free pass to abuse it," commented John Berntson, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Colorado. "Removing term limits would do exactly that."

"Furthermore, we would rather see a much-needed return to the Grand Jury system to remove some of the D.A.'s power back to the people where it belongs," continued Berntson. "The office has become so based on politics anymore instead of based on fighting real crime, that the people have to keep it reined in."

Berntson points to the legislative battle earlier this year to pass HB 1404, Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform, as evidence of District Attorneys' obsession with power instead of seeking justice.

"Denver D.A. Ritter and El Paso D.A. Smith were the two most vocal opponents of that bill, as was Pueblo D.A. Sandstrom. All they cared about was retaining their power to seize property. Let me rephrase that -- all they cared about was power."

Sandstrom is currently suing to remove the term limits prior to the election.

"Sandstrom isn't willing to wait until after the election. That fact indicates just how little popular support this measure has. Plus, this measure couldn't petition onto the ballot, requiring the legislature to put it on," concluded Berntson. "The people just don't want this."

The Libertarian Party of Colorado supports term limits for all elected political officials, and urges voters to vote NO on Referendum A.

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