LP Outpaces Minor Parties

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LP Outpaces Minor Parties

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The numbers are in, and once again, the Libertarian Party of Colorado, Colorado's Third Party, has left the minor parties in the dust, and the major parties scrambling.

According to the Colorado Secretary of State's Office, for the 2002 election, the Libertarian Party of Colorado is officially running 74 candidates in statewide and local races.

That's more than triple the number candidates of all of the minor parties combined!

"Obviously, the Libertarian Party is the only real alternative to the usual wasted votes of the Democrat and Republican problem-causers," remarked John Berntson, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Colorado. "We leave the minor parties in our dust."

"We are the Third Party, not only in Colorado, but in the entire nation. The Greens may get more media exposure because of their extremist socialist stance, but they can't come close to standing for freedom like the Libertarian Party does. Nobody else does. Nobody else can. Nobody else will."

Continually overlooked by the political pundits and the media is the fact that there are over 500 Libertarians in public office nationwide, not to mention the fact that almost 1500 Libertarians are running for office across the nation -- much more than the officeholders of all of the minor parties combined and more than double all of their candidates combined.

"Anybody who says Libertarians can't get elected either don't know or choose to ignore the facts," said Berntson. "Obviously with over 500 officeholders we can and do win. The truth is that we scare the life out of the Democrats and the Republicans. We have principles -- they don't. We stand for freedom -- they don't. Their house of cards is slowly collapsing on itself as more and more Americans discover their deceptions, corruptions, lies, and outright self-serving behavior. They turn to us for something better, something honest, something simpler -- that something called Liberty."

"No other party can offer that, despite their desperate and false claims to the contrary."

"What other party wants to cut taxes, reduce government, bring our troops home, and open up the free market?" asked Berntson. "Nobody. Sure, we want to legalize drugs; to do so would reduce crime and even fight terrorism. The other guys don't; they like to keep up the fear, the crime, the high taxes, the big government, the separated families, the bad economy, and the disinformation because it serves their own interests, not We the People's. That's not pursuing freedom -- it's pursuing tyranny."

"Enough is Enough! It's past time to take back our heritage and birthright," concluded Berntson. "It's past time to vote Libertarian, all the time, every time, everybody, everywhere."

The Libertarian Party of Colorado is the rising and only Third Party in Colorado politics, and is the only true alternative to the same old mess that the Republicans and Democrats have created.

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