Biff Baker Holds Press Conference at Hefley's Office

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Biff Baker Holds Press Conference at Hefley's Office

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This press conference and protest occurred outside Joel Hefley's congressional office in Colorado Springs on Friday 4 October 2002, with coverage by KRDO-TV, the Gazette, the Independent, and Tri-Lakes community newspapers.

All comments from Biff Baker unless indicated otherwise.

Greetings to the members of the press that took time out of their busy day to attend this protest in front of Joel Hefley's Congressional office in Colorado Springs.

The many supporters here are joining me in a protest against Joel Hefley's refusal to debate me on the many issues facing Colorado in this new century.

I have traveled across Colorado's District 5, which includes Chaffee, Fremont, Lake, Park, Teller, and El Paso Counties. I have visited forty different towns. I have attended numerous town hall meetings and stood in front of supermarkets handing out fliers.

People in Leadville and Twin Lakes are concerned about the economy and the drought. They are equally concerned about the lack of proactive thinking in water rights for all constituents.

The many people I spoke with in Salida and Buena Vista are concerned over the impact of the drought on whitewater rafting and the tourist industry. They are also concerned about agricultural business and the lack of attention by the incumbents at the State and Federal levels to their concerns.

After town hall meetings and festivals in Fairplay, Alma, Hartsel, Guffey, Eleven Mile Village, Lake George, and Woodland Park, many people expressed that the incumbents in Washington D.C. were corrupt, and that term limits were the only way to eliminate the corruption. During the great motorcycle rally in Cripple Creek, I spoke to many patriotic bikers that expressed complete disgust for the corruption and lies of the incumbents in Washington D.C.

I have sat in many small towns, listening to the people of this great district complain that they have taxation without representation in Washington D.C. Whether people live in Yoder, Calhan, Widefield, Como, Jefferson, Florence, or Monarch, everyone has similar concerns.

Why does the Federal government consume $2 trillion in taxes? And why do we at the local levels have nothing to show for it? Why do we send almost $10 billion per year to the Middle East, when our brave firefighters are using equipment that is over 20 years old? Why aren't we putting America first?

Finally, why is Joel Hefley not addressing these issues? Why is it that BIFF BAKER is the only U.S. Congress candidate that visited every small town in the District? Is Joel Hefley afraid? Is he a coward? Or is he unprepared to face the reality that his 16 years in Congress have been detrimental to the people of Colorado -- and have only benefited his big-money donors in the defense industry?

PRESS QUESTION: What is your biggest complaint about Hefley?

My biggest complaint is that I submitted a memo outlining fraud, waste and abuse in the missile defense program, and after 6 months I have gotten no feedback from him.

My second biggest complaint is that he is cowardly, hiding from his constituents, and that he refuses to accept responsibility for the $10 trillion in unfunded Social Security and $6 trillion national Debt that has occurred on his watch -- which breaks down to $53,000 of debt per man, woman, and child in America.

PRESS QUESTION: Why do you want to debate? I have an open invitation from Chuck Baker, on Hot Talk AM 1460 to debate Joel Hefley on the air -- but Hefley refuses to accept. I believe that the voters need to make informed decisions rather than blindly make straight party votes.

PRESS QUESTION: Why won't Joel debate you?

Well, on Joseph Michelli's radio show, he stated I was not in his "league" -- I was not qualified, according to him.

But look at the facts: I have a better education -- from West Point through my Doctoral studies -- than he does. From a work experience perspective, I have better real-world experience than this 25-year career politician does. I was a soldier for 22 years, a Diplomat for 2 years, a businessman and consultant, and now a College Professor.

Joel Hefley is a coward! He refuses to debate me because he is the least qualified candidate and his record is not one of which he can be proud. He has done very little for Coloradoans, and he has been bought and paid for by the big corporations and Political Action Committees.

If there aren't any more questions, then I would like to thank the members of the press and my many supporters for showing up today.

The Colorado Freedom