LP's Denny Pledges to Restore Honor to Arapahoe County

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LP's Denny Pledges to Restore Honor to Arapahoe County

"The Responsible Candidate for Arapahoe County"
CONTACT: Margaret Alia Denny
PHONE: (303) 680-1741
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WEB: http://www.lpboulder.org/candidates/denny/


As reported in today's Denver Post, the Arapahoe County Commissioners are demanding the resignation of the County Clerk, Republican Tracy Baker, over allegations that he has been having a sexual relationship over the past three years or longer with a subordinate, then used county funds to buy her silence, reward her, and continue the relationship. Baker, who is married, has refused to resign, claiming that he's "still the best candidate."

According to several sources, the couple was not only being explicitly intimate, including the exchange of over 500 explicit emails in violation of policy, but was also flaunting it before co-workers, creating a hostile working environment. To top it off, the subordinate was rewarded for her activities by over $40K in raises and another $20K in overtime pay. The subordinate previously was an exempt employee, meaning that she could not be paid overtime at all. Baker changed her status to exempt last year.

The Arapahoe County Commissioners investigated the claims and turned the matter over to the District Attorney. The investigation has been going on since July, and Baker faces criminal charges of felony theft, embezzlement of public property, eavesdropping, and official misconduct, plus federal charges of sexual harassment.

When the Libertarian candidate for that very office, Margaret Alia Denny, heard about this, she was incensed.

"I've heard of running county affairs, but this is ridiculous!" snapped Denny, obviously unhappy at the entire turn of, well, affairs. "No one should have to endure a hostile working environment. To be rewarded for these extracurricular activities when there is a job that should be done is also shameful and should not be condoned."

Far more bothersome to her was the misuse of county funds to reward or quiet the staff, said Denny.

"Is the $40K in raises and $20K in overtime Baker's way of buying her silence, buying more favors from her, or capitulating to blackmail? Is Baker using Arapahoe County taxpayer money to pay for his on-the-job sex? Or is the subordinate extorting taxpayer money out of Baker in exchange for her silence? It doesn't matter now," continued Denny, "because it's all public now. The County Commissioners are absolutely correct, Baker should resign immediately and withdraw from the race."

"This is why my opponent, a devoted Republican... is unworthy of the office. If he is using taxpayer dollars in a payola-sex scandal, then how else has he defrauded the people of Arapahoe County? How much has he embezzled, misappropriated, or just plain stolen?"...

"This is typical of the Republicans in power," fumed Denny. "They talk and talk and talk about ethics and morality, then turn around and do exactly the opposite. Such hypocrisy! If the Republicans can't act with honor and integrity and honesty, then maybe it is time for a Libertarian to step in and clean up their mess. If the major parties can't be ethical and honest, then maybe it is time to elect someone who can and will be honest and ethical. I am that someone!"

"And to say that he is still the best candidate for the position with such a...well, colorful, history?" Denny continued. "I have never misused an employer's funds or created an hostile working environment. With just that, I am better qualified to fill the position of County Clerk and Recorder."

Margaret Alia Denny is the Libertarian candidate for Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder, and is the only alternative to the corrupt Republican in office now. She currently is the Information Director of the Libertarian Party of Colorado and has been endorsed by the Denver Post.

The October 23 Denver Post said it can "vouch for Denny's Competency." Lidia Seebeck told the Post, "Margaret is a lovely lady... She will truly bring honor to the office."

The October 23 Aurora Sentinel added, "Libertarian Margaret Denny is a credible, far better choice to run the office. Not that she isn't without her own interesting quirks. Denny's a witch, sort of. She's in a local coven and attends a Wiccan church. We're not experts in such things, but her spirituality is certainly no more odd than some of the other devout politicians in this state. Besides that, she's genuine, deeply cares about people, and she's a licensed information technology guru..."

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