Shnelvar Hammers Owens in Radio Ads

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Shnelvar Hammers Owens in Radio Ads

by Ari Armstrong, September 12, 2002

Ralph Shnelvar, the Libertarian candidate for governor, purchased 100 ads on KNZZ radio in Grand Junction. The ads cost $1,400 and will run September 11-17 and October 11-17.

Grand Junction is the largest town on the Western Slope and in Mesa County. That county voted against Amendment 22, a measure Governor Owens supported that imposed more gun restrictions at gun shows, though the initiative passed state-wide. Shnelvar has campaigned in Grand Junction several times.

Though the Wall Street Journal praised Owens and National Review called him the best governor in the nation, Libertarians are skeptical. Douglas Bruce -- not Bill Owens -- deserves most of the credit for reigning in Colorado taxes. In addition to pushing for new gun control laws, laws which expand Sarah Brady's gun registration scheme, Owens called on the feds to prosecute sick people who take medical marijuana to relieve their pain.

The text of Shnelvar's ad follows.

Our current governor signed an unconstitutional law defining a decade as nineteen years so that at least $300 million dollars of tax refunds - your money, year after year - will not go back to you.

Our current governor stood smiling on the Capitol Steps with Denver's Mayor Wellington Webb and other gun control zealots to be the first one signing Amendment 22 to take away more gun rights.

Our current governor should not be our next governor.

Vote for me, Ralph Shnelvar and the Libertarian Party. I'll be uncompromising about protecting your second amendment rights. I'll be uncompromising about protecting your wallet.

Send our current governor a powerful message by sending a check to Shnelvar For Governor c/o Lori Van Buren, Treasurer 1264 Madeline Ct. Loveland, CO 80537

www.S H N E L V A

Remember, if you vote for this Bill, you're gonna pay.

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