LP Responds to Denver Police Files

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LP Responds to Denver Police Files

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 9th, 2002
CONTACT: Mike Seebeck, Public Information Director, Libertarian Party of Colorado
PHONE: (719) 382-9529
EMAIL: mike@seebeck.us
WEB: www.lpcolorado.org


On September 5 the Libertarian Party of Colorado obtained its "spy file" from the Intelligence Division of the Denver Police Department. In it, the Denver P.D. has classified the LPCO as a "militia type organization" that is "pro-gun rights."

When Libertarian Party of Colorado Chairman John Berntson saw the file, he just laughed.

"A political party as a militia group? How ridiculous! What next?" chuckled Berntson, Chairman of the Militia Group, er, Libertarian Party of Colorado. "About the only thing that report has right is that we are pro-gun. We make the NRA nervous and we make Tom Mauser and Sarah Brady run away screaming."

After he quit laughing, Berntson continued: "Seriously, while the files themselves are laughable to the extent that they illustrate just how pathetically ill-informed the Denver P.D. is, they are also scary for the same reason. Is this the quality of the law enforcement in Denver? Is Barney Fife running the shop? Is it truly this bad?"

Berntson then answered his own question.

"Yes, it is this bad. Look at the pattern. They can't get the gun laws right when they arrest people for legal open carry, and they can't get addresses right for a raid. So it is not surprising at all that they would get their intelligence files mixed up. This is nothing more than government inefficiency and stupidity. This is Denver's tax dollars at their worst, and Denver's citizens should be appalled at their police. First Ismael Mena, and now this?" concluded Berntson.

It should be noted that while the Denver Police Department, Tom Mauser, and Sarah Brady all want to repeal the Second Amendment, and while the NRA only wants current gun control laws enforced, only the Libertarian Party calls for complete repeal of all gun control laws. It is this position that unnerves the NRA and scares the Denver P.D., Tom Mauser, and Sarah Brady. It is a position that no other political party or candidate, including Amendment 22-signer Governor Owens, has the guts to take.

The Libertarian Party has always been a political party and never been a militia group, and has been so since the Party formed in 1971. The Libertarian Party is the staunchest advocate of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, but is dedicated to peace and justice and self-defense, exercised through limited government, personal freedom, and individual responsibility.

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