Hefley Refuses to Debate Baker

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Hefley Refuses to Debate Baker



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 1st, 2002

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On Thursday, August 29, Congressman Joel Hefley appeared on the Joseph Michelli Show on AM 740 KVOR to spout typical Republican rhetoric. During the show, Arthur "Rob" Roberts, Libertarian candidate for El Paso County Commissioner District 1, called in and asked Hefley why he wouldn't debate his opponent, Libertarian Biff Baker. Hefley responded with an arrogant statement of the effect that he was the experienced one and that until Baker had his experience that Baker was not on his level.

When Baker, who was also listening in, heard those comments, he was appalled.

"What arrogance this man has!" exclaimed Baker, a West Point graduate and 22-year retired Ranger. "He claims he has more experience than I do, yet he has never put on a uniform or took up arms for his country, never been shot at for his country, never served as a diplomat, and never, ever, been on the front lines of any combat zone that he, as a career politician, authorized sending our troops into. He has never been in harm's way. He has the time to go onto the radio to spout off his garbage, but he doesn't have the time to debate me?"

Hefley came across on the show as a blathering fool, an arrogant know-it-all who is nothing more than a Republican Parrot, repeating the same old mantra and in general accomplishing nothing.

"Hefley has no honor," continued LTC Baker. "He has no respect for the political process since he won't debate anyone, a duck-and-run technique he has used for years, and he is so full of himself that he thinks everyone else is inferior. The truth is, the average citizen is far above his level."

"He voted for the unconstitutional PATRIOT Act without ever reading it; he has voted continually for federal spending increases averaging 7% over his tenure; he watched the National Debt increase from $2 trillion to $6 trillion and Social Security Debt balloon by $10 trillion; he did nothing to safeguard our medical privacy from destructive Health and Human Services regulations. In general has done nothing to distinguish himself," accused Baker.

"The interesting thing that came out of the interview was that he claimed that he was the #3 Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, and that he wanted to continue in office to get the chairmanship," pointed out Baker. "That should be a clear signal to everyone that he cares not for his constituency but for power for himself. He doesn't understand what service really is. I do. I've been there and done and got the injuries to prove it."

"Joel Hefley is running scared. He won't debate me because he can't win, and he knows it. He is an honorless coward who is not up to MY level of experience. This elephant is nothing more than a chicken!"

Biff Baker, LTC USA (ret.), is the Libertarian candidate for United States House of Representatives District #5, an Army Ranger and West Point graduate, and one of the top 1% of quality managers in the nation. He has served in a variety of military and diplomatic posts around the world and is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Disabled American Veterans, and the American Legion.

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