Eliminating Caucuses Wrong Solution, Says LP

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Eliminating Caucuses Wrong Solution, Says LP

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 24th, 2002
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The Libertarian Party of Colorado announces its opposition to Amendment 29-- Selecting Candidates For Primary Elections.

The measure would eliminate the current caucus system that the major parties use and replace it with a pure petition system, while simultaneously lowering most of those requirements.

"This is the wrong solution to the problem of our cumbersome nomination process," remarked John Berntson, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Colorado. "We oppose it precisely because it only makes a bad problem worse."

"While the amendment would in one way derail the current party machines that dominate Colorado politics at the expense of the people, it does nothing to promote equality in seeking the nominations," continued Berntson. "Instead, the petition game will become a money game, with those with the most financial resources getting onto the ballot, usually financed by the parties, while the newcomers and outsiders that actually want to affect change will be shut out. So in effect, removing the caucus system will strengthen the stranglehold of the party elite on the party membership."

The Libertarian Party of Colorado uses its convention to nominate its candidates, forgoing the caucus system and the primary system for a more efficient and more productive system.

"We would rather see the entire primary system scrapped," said Berntson, "and have the Democrats and Republicans quit wasting taxpayer dollars on elections that produce 7 voters at a precinct. If they went instead to a straight convention system, they would do much better to encourage participation in the nomination process."

The Libertarian Party of Colorado favors as much public participation in the electoral process as possible, and hopes the public shows that support as well by voting NO on Amendment 29.

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