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The Stanley Files

Below are links and summaries for all the coverage of Rick Stanley's campaign for U.S. Senate provided by the Colorado Freedom Report. I believe the information provided here represents the most comprehensive independent coverage of Stanley's campaign available anywhere. All articles were written by me unless otherwise noted. Any new articles will also be added to this page. - Ari Armstrong, Editor, Colorado Freedom Report, August 23, 2002

After the Election

Stanley Convicted

Raid on Stanley Raises Questions
by Ari Armstrong

LP03: Party Adopts New Rules
by Ari Armstrong

Stanley Supporter Seeks Presidential Nomination
by Ari Armstrong

Analyzing the Stanley Campaign
David Bryant reviews the history of Rick Stanley's association with the Libertarian Party of Colorado.

Cacioppo Replies
Michael Cacioppo replies to Armstrong's analysis of the 2002 elections.

A Libertarian Analysis of the 2002 Colorado Elections
A discussion of the "Stanley Fizzle."

(Note: Stanley Reportedly resigned from the LP a couple days after the election.)

Stanley's Post-Hearing Campaign

Stanley Runs Ad in Rocky
"Martin Brusse and the friends of Rick at the Denver Dinver" paid for a quarter-page ad for Rick Stanley in the November 2 Rocky Mountain News. The first paragraph notes Democrats and Republicans "have methodically diluted" our rights. The last paragraph says Stanley wants to end "One World Government bunglings," the income tax, and the Federal Reserve. That's fairly boiler-plate libertarianism.

The second paragraph is a little unusual: "Rick disagrees with the propaganda and popular thinking that communism has collapsed. He accepts the 1984-warning of the KGB defector, Anatoly Golitsyn." This fellow said that Russia's "interest in democracy and peace was just a ploy to relax the West... When the time is ripe 'the Bear' will strike in a variety of ways." Certainly there are still communists in Russia, but political reforms there were not part of some vast conspiracy to trick Americans.

The Stanley Factor
The Rocky Mountain News discusses the possibility of Stanley shifting the election to Strickland. (Some media notes contained within the Freedom Updates are not linked on this page.)

Stanley to Split from LP
Lynn Bartels reported for the October 24 Rocky Mountain News that Rick Stanley "plans to resign from the Libertarian Party the day after the election and help form a new 'super' third party." Stanley said the LP is "pretty ineffective." Doug Anderson "likened Stanley to a kidney stone, 'painful to have, painful in passing, but you get over it'." Adam Katz plans to join Stanley, accusing the LP of "sabotage of all the candidates."

Stanley Replies to PurePolitics
"I will stand up and do acts of civil disobedience when there are ordinances, statutes and legislation that is unconstitutional..."

Stanley Announces 'New Libertarian Party Coalition'
The following text was forwarded to the "lpco-chat" list on October 18. It refers to a release by Steve Gresh calling for the activation of the state militia.
"Rick Stanley endorses the following media release and wholeheartedly supports Steve Gresh's commitment to America. Great release Steve. You have my total support. I will be forwarding this release tommorrow with my endorsement to the Stanley Scoop (back up) and the Media (through Katz still). Rock on. By the way, the New Libertarian Party Coalition will be forming up after the Nov 5 election. Per your and I discussion, you are on the list. How about your wife and any others you know, I am compiling the list starting now. Time to change the Colorado Libertarian Party to elect Candidates!!!!! Rick"

Stanley, Campbell Sue to Debate
Stanley sued to be included in a televised debate. The state party dissociated itself from the suit on the grounds that it disrespected property rights of media owners.

Shaffer Letter Prompts Debate
Bo Shaffer criticized Stanley in a letter to the Denver Post. Stanley's supporters defended the candidate.

Stanley Campaigns in October

Stanley Arrested in Thornton
Stanley carried a gun on his hip to a parade in Thornton. The local police arrested him.

Stanley, Shnelvar Address Flap Over Offensive Joke
Ralph Shnelvar made a sexually-oriented, offensive joke. Stanley criticized him. Shnelvar apologized.

Stanley's Campaign Debated

Letter of Censure
The board of the Libertarian party of Colorado released a letter censuring Rick Stanley for questionable campaign practices.

Stanley Offers Olive Branch
Stanley writes, "I do not condone violence or racism of any kind. Further, I now better understand the importance of presenting a clear libertarian message to the public. I will do my best in that regard in the future. I also apologize to anyone who feels that I have made personal attacks on certain Libertarians..."

Stanley Retained, Censured
The board split on the vote to remove Stanley's certificate of designation, so he was retained. But the board voted unanimously to censure him. Ari Armstrong argues Stanley doesn't understand libertarianism and then responds to false accusations forwarded via Stanley's e-mail list.

Hearing Set
(From an LPCO press release dated August 21:) The hearing will be held at 7PM, Tuesday, August 27th, 2002, at the Country Inn & Suites, 7380 South Clinton Street in Englewood, (one block east and north of I-25 & Dry Creek Road). The hearing is open to the general public.

Aitken Calls for Stanley's Removal
David Aitken, a member of the LP since 1984, distributed an e-mail August 25 stating, "After watching the Stanley matter for several months now, I have come to the reluctant conclusion that Mr. Stanley is not the kind of person I want representing the Libertarian Party. My primary concerns are his call for and/or approval of 'street justice' (murder or execution of elected and/or appointed officials) and his refusal to remove members of the media from his mailing list, both of which, in my opinion, violate the pledge, 'I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.' His actions and/or words are at best uncivilized, at worst, barbaric. Until such time as the Libertarian Party renounces its commitment to non-violence, statements like those made by Mr. Stanley are, in my opinion, a violation of the membership and candidate requirements. If we are to remain the "Party of Principle", it is time to stand up for those principles. Actions speak louder than words and we need to set a precedent of dealing strongly with those who violate our principles. Therefore, if Mr. Stanley's Certificate of Designation as our US Senate candidate is not revoked, I will terminate my monthly pledge and withdraw from my Secretary of State campaign." [Note: Aitken changed his mind after the hearing and remained a candidate.]

Stanley Replies to Complaints
Rick Stanley answers those who called for his removal. Ari Armstrong offers a brief reply.

Armstrong Replies to Gresh Concerning Stanley
Steve Gresh believes Stanley's offense is not so grave and the board would set a bad precedent by removing him. Ari Armstrong argues the opposite conclusions are warranted.

A Theory of the Stanley Schism
by John Geltemeyer
Geltemeyer argues that those in active, successful local affiliates are less likely to support Rick Stanley. He urges unity, whatever the outcome of the upcoming hearing.

LPCO Board Set to Vote on Stanley's Removal
Extensive coverage of the complaints lodged against Rick Stanley. Stanley forwarded an e-mail advocating the execution of "every lawyer, every judge, every meter maid, every clerk, Media worker, every DMV, every government employee..." and added his own comments, "Thank you very much for your comments. I will forward and when the day comes, and it will, America will be be prepared for the traitors day in the people's court." Stanley also forwarded racist e-mails and called for flag laws in contradiction of libertarian principles.

Stanley Targets Berntson in Latest Witch Hunt; Threatens to Split State LP
Rick Stanley and others make bogus allegations against State Chair John Berntson and attempt to remove him from his position. Stanley also threatens to break off his group from the LP and start his own party.

Shed a Tear for Stanley
Stanley whines about criticism of his campaign. A number of his mistakes are discussed, including his decidedly unprincipled approach to the issue of immigration.

Stanley Responds to Charges of Racist E-Mail
Ari Armstrong finds Stanley's response inadequate and asks him to resign.

Konieczny Resigns from Stanley Campaign
Michelle Konieczny resigns from Stanley's campaign over a racist e-mail Stanley forwarded to his "official newswire" (but did not himself author).

Libertarianism or Tribalism? Reply to Critics Concerning Rick Stanley
Stanley asserts that Ari Armstrong is a "traitor" for writing a critical article. Armstrong responds to Stanley, James Vance, John Lappart, Kent McNaughton, Janet Zeravica, and John Gurley. "[T]he purpose of the Libertarian Party is to advance libertarianism. It is a party of ideals, not personalities. It is a political philosophy, not a tribe. Not only is it okay to rationally question libertarian candidates about their positions and strategies, it is morally virtuous to do so."

Stanley Opposes Open Immigration
A review of Stanley's conflicting statements calling for more restrictions on immigration.

Libertarians Support Immigration, Condemn Racism
release by Ralph Shnelvar
Capitalists Support Immigration
by Nate Gorman
While neither of these pieces discusses Stanley directly, both were arguably reactions to Stanley's comments.

Stanley Takes on Rosen (and Loses)
Stanley Denounces Armstrong
Armstrong argues against Stanley's call to try Allard for treason and kill him. Armstrong also criticizes Stanley's performance on Mike Rosen's radio program. Stanley fails to offer any substantive reply.

LP's Seebeck Blasts Stanley for Call to Hang Allard (LP Release)

The Ends and Means of Steve Gresh
Gresh Replies to Armstrong
Gresh follows in Stanley's footsteps in arguing his political opponents should be tried for treason and killed if found guilty. Armstrong criticizes Gresh's position.

The Trouble with Rick Stanley
David Bryant replies; Armstrong defends his position
Armstrong argues Stanley's "Million Gun March Petition" is flawed. Bryant defends the petition and lambastes Armstrong.

Freedom Updates: June 30, 2002
Includes a review of media coverage of Stanley.

Stanley's Gun Trial

Stanley Vows Appeal at Sentencing Hearing
Rick Stanley was sentenced for his act of civil disobedience defying a Denver disarmament ordinance. He fired his lawyer but vowed to appeal on his own. Stanley's reply to the article is included.

Freedom Updates: July 19, 2002
Includes the section, "Stanley, Grant Part Ways." Paul Grant served as Stanley's lawyer but decided not to continue with the case after sentencing. (Stanley dismissed Grant at sentencing and handled the sentencing proceedings on his own.)

Stanley Convicted on Gun Charges (Review of the Trial)
A comprehensive review of Stanley's trial.

Stanley Campaigns at Court, Risks Arrest
A release from the Stanley Campaign.

Stanley Arrested on Bogus Warrant
Stanley was arrested February 23, 2002 on a bogus warrant.

Freedom Updates December 18, 2001
Includes a section detailing the errors of the Rocky Mountain News concerning Rick Stanley's arrest.

Stanley Exercises Civil Disobedience
On December 15, 2001, Rick Stanley holstered a handgun in willful violation of a Denver city ordinance he calls unconstitutional.

Candidate Stanley

LP Nominates Candidates, Elects Board
A brief review of the business meeting of the 2002 Libertarian Party state convention in Leadville.

Stanley: 'I Will No Longer File Income Taxes'
Rick Stanley says he will stop paying the income tax.

Stanley Campaign: Forest Service Rejects Help
A release from the Stanley Campaign.

LP Joins Protest of Police Files
Stanley is mentioned in a story about a rally protesting the Denver police files kept on innocent persons.

D'Ippolito Enters U.S. Senate Race

Candidates Discuss Colorado's Future
Stanley and other candidates spoke at a forum November 13, 2001.

Candidates Hold Forum Oct. 11
Stanley and other candidates spoke at a forum October 11, 2001.

Stanley's Mission: Register Libertarian Voters

Stanley Set to Announce Senate Run

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