Bennett Honored as Libertarian of the Year

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Bennett Honored as Libertarian of the Year

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 21st, 2002

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Awards Banquet Highlights Libertarian of the Year

The Libertarian Party of Colorado held its annual Awards Banquet Saturday, August 17, in Colorado Springs. The evening was highlighted by the award of the annual Ptak Award for the Colorado Libertarian of the Year, which is selected by the Party membership.

This year's winner was Elizabeth Bennett, currently of Frederick and formerly of Lafayette. John Berntson, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado, made the presentation to the surprised Elizabeth at the conclusion of a short speech in which he outlined some of the comments made by Party members about Ms. Bennett:

"It is people like Elizabeth -- who operate behind the scenes and with little recognition outside of the small core of activist members -- who keep the LPCO alive and vital. Elizabeth has been the unseen and unknown force behind getting things done. Without her tireless efforts, everything we have been able to get done in the last two years would be about half-done. She has done so many things all year -- as you already know -- and many more that you may not know about. When someone else drops the ball, it is she who picks it up and runs with it." -- John Berntson

"Although much of what she does is behind the scenes, so much would not be accomplished without her. She was the one who spent all day on July 11 picking up candidates forms that hadn't yet been filed by the candidate to insure the forms reach the Secretary of State's office on time. She did this despite the fact that she was closing on her new home the next week, and had other things she should have done that day. In fact, she canceled appointments that day, and a doctor's appointment on the Monday before, just to make sure we got our candidates on the ballot. And yet, with all that she does, she still finds time to register people as Libertarians and get some of them to join the party outright." -- Bette Rose Ryan, former State Chair and head of Victory In Colorado Now

In short, Elizabeth Bennett is truly the backbone of the Libertarian Party of Colorado, and she is now deservedly recognized for all that she does. It seems that whenever something needs to be done somewhere along the way, she is always there to do it. The Party membership couldn't imagine anyone in Colorado more deserving of this prestigious award.

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