Biff Baker Alleges Defense Fraud

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Biff Baker Alleges Defense Fraud

[July 19, 2002 -- The following letter was written by Biff Baker, the Libertarian candidate for Congress for Colorado District 5. The Colorado Freedom Report reproduces it because of its value as news concerning a candidate for political office. Baker's claims are allegations that have not been legally verified.]


During June and July more than ten firms disclosed over $20 billion in accounting errors. Enron, Arthur Anderson, Global Crossing, and WorldCom all tried to deceive their employees and stakeholders.

When I was a Cadet at West Point, I vowed that "I would not to lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate any others who do." The Honor Code has framed by identity and my behavior for over 25 years.

The Missile Defense program has consumed $80 billion to date, and is currently on a $3 billion per year budget. As a Defense Contractor who worked for General John Holly of the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), I was tasked to ensure that the American Taxpayers were getting the best value for their money in the Missile Defense program.

In late December I discovered a Site Activation Command (SAC) contract for about $50 million (estimated) that was being given to a local contractor without being competitively bid as required (Solicitation Notice DASG 60-01-0014 in violation of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and 10 USC 2304). This sole source was fraudulent because the contractor was neither a small business nor uniquely qualified as reported in the Government announcement.

I reported this to Brigadier General John Holly in early January 2002. I had not gotten a response, so I reported this to him in person on March 7th, 2002. General Holly said this was very serious and he promised to investigate. Instead, Holly fired me! General Holly violated his Oath and his fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayer.

I notified Congressman Joel Hefley and Senator Wayne Allard on March 17th. I received no indication from either man on starting an investigation of the fraud and General Holly's cover up.

On the 5th of April I attempted to speak to Mr. Hefley but he avoided me. I was able to speak to Senator Allard, who promised to investigate.

I wrote several letters to Mr. Hefley and Senator Allard during March, April, and May. While Senator Allard promised to help but his Chief of Staff put this on a backburner due to the 'Allard Capital Conference.' I never received a letter, e-mail, or phone call from Mr. Hefley. Therefore I went to the local Press.

Terje Langeland did a superb investigation of all my facts and was able to verify what I alleged from numerous Government employees and other contractors. Despite threats of lawsuits, the Colorado Springs Independent had the courage to publish "Rocket Racket" on June 13th. You can read it at this link: The "Rocket Racket" has since been republished in the Boulder Weekly on the 4th of July at: Additionally, Mr. Chuck Baker had the courage to discuss fraud in the Missile Defense program for three full hours despite severe pressure from Joel Hefley's henchmen not to do so.

Four months have passed since I submitted my initial findings to Senator Allard and Joel Hefley. Allard made promises that have not been fulfilled by an incompetent Chief of Staff. In fact, when I told Senator Allard that I had not gotten any feedback from his staff, I was threatened and then removed from the "Allard Capital Conference" by his Chief of Staff, Mike Bennett.

'Rocket Racket' was published on June 13th, and I received my first letter from Joel Hefley on June 14th. But Hefley's letter provided no feedback on an investigation into this fraud. Is he involved in the cover up, incompetent, or just apathetic? You decide! Or better yet, let's indict Mr. Hefley to determine how many donations he really received from these fraudulent funds. After 120 days, we should expect feedback from our elected officials!

After numerous attempts to contact Mr. Hefley and prompt him to do his duty, I decided to run against Hefley for US House of Representatives. This is a campaign of an Honest Veteran against a Dishonest Career Politician. Hefley has lied to us about term limits, he has lied about a balanced budget, and is not even trying to prosecute this fraud.

Help me restore honor and integrity to the US House of Representatives. I have been fired, received death threats and one attempt, but I will not quit until justice is served. Like the ENRON executives, these Generals and career Politicians need to go to jail.

See my web site at and write me at If you believe in honesty in government, please send a contribution to Biff 2002, 6660 Delmonico, Ste D408, Colorado Springs, CO 80919.

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