Baker Challenges Rosen

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Baker Challenges Rosen

[July 19, 2002 -- The following material was sent by Biff Baker, who is running for Congress against Joel Hefley.]


SUBJECT: Biff Baker 1, Mike Rosen 0, Technical Knock-Out (TKO)

On Wednesday July 17th, 2002 Biff Baker challenged Mike Rosen of 850-KOA on the air for 30 minutes.

Initially, Mike kept Biff on hold for 40 minutes, but finally brought Biff Baker on the air. [Told not to talk about my candidacy -- just the issues]

Rosen had been applauding the Patriot Act and other restrictions on liberty and freedom due to state of war that this country is in.

Biff Baker told Rosen, "I am a West Point graduate and a disabled veteran with 22 years of honorable service to the defense of this country and our constitution. I believe that Constitutional protection per the Bill of Rights must be enforced for all citizens and legal aliens."

Biff continued, "Likewise, I believe the 'spy on your neighbor' program legislation is a move in the wrong direction."

Rosen: "What 'spy on your neighbor' legislation?

Biff: "Operation TIPS or Terrorist Information and Prevention System." Haven't you spoken of it?

Rosen: Not on my show.

Biff: Well you should! May I say why?

Rosen: Go Ahead.

Biff: Why? Because I was a whistleblower for $100 million in fraud within the Missile Defense system. Ever since I blew the whistle on corrupt Generals and Congressmen, I have been slandered, libeled, and defamed. Political opponents could easily, without fact or substance turn me in as "un-Patriotic". And the 'spy on your neighbor' TIPS legislation moves law enforcement from local to Federal levels and that is wrong!

Rosen: So, I suppose you think the Patriot Act is wrong?

Biff: Exactly! I am totally opposed to the "Un-Patriot Act". For several reasons.

Rosen: You mean in a time of crisis you do not agree with the provisions of the Patriot Act?

Biff: I do not. There are two main reasons why. First, it is so loosely worded that a church group or even the Libertarian Party could be labeled as 'enemy of the state'.

Rosen: That would never happen!

Biff: Secondly, when they wrote the un-Patriotic Act, they outlawed whistleblowers. If you find fraud or abuse in Homeland Defense -- you cannot blow the whistle by law. This is wrong!

Rosen: I disagree. Now you are being absurd!

Biff: I fought for 22 years on the front lines to maintain our freedoms. I think I have a clearer view of our rights than someone who has never been on the front lines!

Rosen. You don't believe in any of my arguments during time of crisis.

Biff: I believe your argument would be more credible if we had a Declaration of War, but we don't!

Rosen: Do you believe in the draft? And do you believe the government had a right to do rationing etc in World War II.

Biff: I do not believe in a draft -- I never have. But if you choose to serve then the individual should keep their agreement and the government should too.

Rosen: I agree.

Biff: Then you agree with the Veteran's Voting Block?

Rosen: What's that?

Biff: A nation wide movement of 22 million vets that are trying to restore Veteran's rights that were promised and taken from them by Congress.

Rosen: I agree that Congress should keep their promises to Vets.

Biff laughs and says "Really! Then we actually agree on something!"

Rosen: "You laugh too much!"

Biff: I only laugh when you say something silly. (meant to say stupid, but silly came out)

Rosen: I am glad you are not in charge of Homeland Defense.

Biff: I wrote the Operations Plan (OPLAN) or war plan for Defense of North America.

Rosen: No you didn't! Now you're lying.

Biff: You are wrong! I personally wrote the war plan on behalf of US Commander in Chief (CINC) North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) -- four star General Joe Ashey.

Rosen: You mean you wrote a portion of it?

Biff: No Sir. I was the author. General Ashey gave me broad guidance. I wrote the bulk of it assisted by 5 fighter pilots and then I briefed it to General Ashy for approval.

Rosen: But no one from the Pentagon --

Biff: After General Ashey approved our plan, I personally briefed it to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Canadian version of our Joint Chiefs of Staff and had it approved. General Ashey's vision, my war plan.

Rosen: Nonsense: Now you ARE exaggerating.

Biff: No Sir! I will fax you my Officer Efficiency Reports signed by General Officers as well as my Defense Meritorious Service Medal citation and commendation to prove it. I don't lie. I'm the author.

Rosen: "Well may be your definition of author is different from my definition of author". You may have had input but you certainly did not write it!

Biff: Sir. You are WRONG! And once you read these faxes, I will expect an apology on the air!

Rosen: I still wouldn't make you Chief of Homeland Defense.

Biff: At least I have been on the front lines. And I'd be better than these crooks that are trying to cheat the American taxpayer out of $100 million in fraudulent contracts.

Rosen: "In the Department of Defense budget, $100 million is nothing -- not even worth mentioning on my show!"

Biff: I don't think the American taxpayers think that $100 million is nothing. I surely don't!!

NOTE: The remainder of the show Rosen quibbled about the definition of author and mentioned a few other things. AFTER I hung up, he began to state that "Colonel Baker was a mere technician who obviously overstated his importance!"


Special Order GB-001 dated 24 October 1996

By direction of the Secretary of Defense, under provisions of DoD Directive 1348.33-M, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal is awarded to the following individual:

LTC Biff Baker Us Army

"Lieutenant Colonel Biff L. Baker, United States Army Distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service as Chief, Plans Branch, Policy and Plans Division, Headquarters North American Aerospace Defense Command, Peterson Air Force Base Colorado from 16 April 1994 to 24 November 1996. During this period Colonel Baker dynamically led the Command effort to develop a completely new Concept Plan, which created a seamless transition between air sovereignty, contingency, and aerospace defense operations, vastly improving, clarifying and streamlining Command Operations across a spectrum of potential threats. As the principal author and plans chief, he conducted a bottoms up review of enemy and friendly forces and capabilities which resulted in a Strategic Concept of Operations that captured all the significant operational implications and developed bold new concepts for Joint and Combined operations in defense of North America. Innovative and proactive, Colonel Baker developed and produced an excellent Concept Plan, which was praised by the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Commander in Chief, North American Aerospace Defense Command. Colonel Baker's accomplishments have greatly enhanced the Command's ability to perform air sovereignty, contingency, and aerospace defense of North America. The distinctive accomplishments of Colonel Baker reflect great credit upon himself, the United States Army, and Department of Defense."

Signed by the Secretary of Defense.

Rosen Lied!

Baker wins by technical knockout!!

The Colorado Freedom