Stanley Responds to Charges of Racist E-Mail

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Stanley Responds to Charges of Racist E-Mail

by Ari Armstrong, July 2, 2002

On June 21, Rick Stanley, the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, sent out an e-mail to his "Stanley Scoop" in which he forwarded racist comments. Stanley did not himself author the comments. The "Scoop" is described as "The official newswire of the Stanley for U.S. Senate Campaign." I cited sections of the e-mail in an article at

On June 25, Michelle Konieczny resigned her position with the Stanley campaign, citing the e-mail as the main reason for her decision (

On July 2, Stanley's campaign issued the following press release.

From Tue Jul 02 11:02:07 2002
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 13:01:08 -0400
From: "Rick Stanley"
Subject: Response to Racism Allegations


July 2, 2002


Stanley For U.S. Senate
Contact: Rick Stanley
Campaign Office: 303-329-0481


Rick Stanley, U.S. Senate Candidate and Libertarian Nominee, Activist/Organizer of the National Bill of Rights Rallies, Activist/Organizer of the Million Gun March Petition, and Activist/Organizer of the Patriot Files made the following media release:

Regarding the story by the Associated Press where a website volunteer was alleging that I was a racist because of the forwarding and commentary on an email that I had passed onto the Stanley Scoop, this allegation is absolutely a lie and I urge everyone to go to my website: and decide for themselves.

In a media release dated June 12th, a full 7 days before the June 19th email, entitled "Libertarians Blast Unlawful Detention of Jose Padilla," why would I be defending a Mexican American citizen's rights if I was a racist?

This allegation is all about my position on the Libertarian platform of "open borders," which I don't agree with. My position is that the United States of America is a sovereign nation and must constitutionally protect its borders. This defending of our borders is our absolute, sovereign right.

I have been unable to locate a copy of the cited Associated Press story. I have verified that John Sarche wrote the story, "Stanley Staffer Resigns, Citing Racist E-Mail," on July 1 for the AP. The lead paragraph, as read to me on the phone by an employee of the AP, states, "A volunteer campaign staffer for Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Rick Stanley resigned Monday, saying she was shocked and insulted by what she called a racist e-mail he sent to some supporters."

Stanley's July 2 release misrepresents the comments of Konieczny. Stanley's release claims a "volunteer was alleging that I was a racist," which is "absolutely a lie."

However, what Konieczny actually criticized was Stanley's "recent forwarding of disparaging comments directed towards people of Mexican-American heritage." That Stanley sent the e-mail is not in dispute.

What seems to be in dispute was whether the e-mail contained racist remarks. I am torn -- on one hand, by simply reproducing the e-mail here, everyone could read it and easily see it contains racist remarks. On the other hand, the e-mail disgusts me and I do not want to publicize it more than necessary.

I have decided to quote some of the most egregious lines, and not reproduce the entire e-mail. If any reader is not satisfied by this account, and wishes to read the entire e-mail for him or herself, please contact me.

The forwarded material is a "poem" supposedly written from the perspective of a Mexican immigrant. It asserts that when Mexican immigrants come, "white guy moves away." One line states, "Send for family (they just trash)." Yet another line asserts, "We have hobby--it's called breeding..." The e-mail falsely portrays Mexican immigrants as people who subside solely by welfare payouts.

The e-mail obviously contains overtly racist comments. I condemn those comments. Stanley should not have forwarded the comments in the first place. Given he did so, he had a moral obligation to issue a denunciation of the racist comments contained in them. He failed to do so.

Unfortunately, on June 27, Stanley forwarded another e-mail to the "Stanley Scoop" that also contained bigoted statements concerning immigrants. Again, I do not see the point in reproducing the entire e-mail. A woman was attempting to respond to my article at Her comments, as forwarded by Stanley to his "official newswire," are as follows: "Don't let your younger age an immaturity cause you to disrespect people who are older, profoundly wiser, more educated, more experienced and of AMERICAN decent longer than you! These things really DO matter... Did your parents come here illegally? ...Are you speaking for ALL AMERICANS when you have only been here for one or two generations and are a product of the government's school agenda, welfare programs including tuition and scholarships?"

Again, the comments Stanley forwarded are bigoted toward immigrants. I condemn those comments, as does any libertarian worthy of the title. The July 2 release states, "I urge everyone to go to my website... and decide for themselves." Of course, the web page does not contain the text of the e-mails in question. The release also references a previous release (found at, but that release from Stanley's campaign team hardly excuses his recent behavior.

Stanley acted grossly irresponsibly in forwarding those e-mails, particularly without any kind of negative review or condemnation. His July 2 press release hardly compensates for his immoral, disgusting, and outrageous behavior. Stanley should fall on his knees and humbly beg the forgiveness of every libertarian and every immigrant in Colorado. Then he should resign in shame. Rick Stanley is a disgrace to himself and to decent Libertarians everywhere.

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