Bar Hopping for Liberty

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Bar Hopping for Liberty

A group of Libertarians went on a "pub crawl" in Denver the evening of June 15. Candidates Ralph Shnelvar and Rick Stanley sent out public e-mails reviewing the event.

Shnelvar ( wrote:

As an experiment, this was - to my mind - a success. We gathered 30 new registrations and 33 new eMail addresses at almost no expense. With what I have learned, we could easily quadruple that...

Of the 30 new registrations, I'd say I was directly responsible for 25. I completely skipped dinner and worked the 16th Street Mall and the restaurant. I had a little assistance from Joe Johnson. Ken Gorman helped me with some of the crowd by giving me legitimacy among his crowd.

My marijuana shirt did its magic again, getting me a fair amount of attention. So another lesson is that the next time we do a Pub Crawl (in Colorado Springs?) I want to get several more of these shirts and have us all dress in the shirt. We'll called it the Pot Squad. I think that that is enough of a hook to get the press interested...

This is a huge crowd of easy pickings. There are thousands of people who go to the bars on a Saturday night and every weekend it is different. I'd say that 20% are sympathetic and will vote Libertarian and an additional 10% will go so far as to register as Libertarians. Additionally, another 1% will go so far as to beg to help...

It went so far as one guy telling me that he was registered as a Republican and he wasn't going to change and two minutes later we got his registration. It was the high point of my evening...

Stanley ( wrote:

[W]e had a pub crawl last night in Denver after about 25 Libertarians met for an informal dinner at the 16th Street Mall Restaurant called Rock Bottom. Our Governor candidate, Ralph Shnelvar was a downright inspiration, signing up dozens to become registered Libertarian voters. I gained an absolute new respect for Ralph, and his determination to put outreach to voters, so close to his heart, as well as the actions of a man determined, to make a difference for Liberty on behalf of the Libertarian Party. He was an absolute inspiration, and helped bring Activism/Outreach closer to a reality to make a difference here in Colorado. Adam Katz who is running for the House here in Colorado was there, as well as Joe Johnson, Chair of the Boulder Affiliate. Michelle K, from my campaign, Deb and her daughter, Will and Rene, who were absolutely tireless, and closed out the nigh t up until 2:00 PM at B-52's even after Pam and I called it quits at 1:15 AM. There were many more there for Liberty, if I left your name out please forgive me, and the outreach was incredible. I am absolutely going to recommend we do this at least twice monthly in the future. This was better than the rallies... Pam and I had a terrific night and she was absolutely radiant and in rare form for outreach for Liberty as well. Between Pubs we met so many folks, and handed out flyers, talked with so many people, and were thanked over and over, for the very REAL outreach to the people that other Politicians will never do. We handed out well over 500 flyers for the Stanley Campaign and Libertarianism.

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