Konieczny Resigns from Stanley Campaign

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Konieczny Resigns from Stanley Campaign

June 30, 2002


Dear Mr. Stanley,

I, Michelle Konieczny, hereby resign from the position of Coordinator and Webmaster of the Stanley for Senate campaign, effective immediately.

Although I have several concerns that are preventing me from participating further in your campaign, the most egregious is your recent forwarding of disparaging comments directed towards people of Mexican-American heritage. Especially heinous is the fact that these remarks were sent to your supporters under the guise of addressing the issues of immigration and open borders.

My adopted sister whom I consider my "blood" is of Spanish and/or Native American descent -- blessed with beautiful dark features -- and too often have I witnessed, and experienced first hand, the horrible effects of racism. I am shocked, insulted, and greatly disappointed by your actions.

Your email, (Friday, June 19, 2002, Subject: Illegal), contained what I believe to be a blatantly obvious example of racist political propaganda. I cannot ethically, nor morally support a candidate for public office who would use, condone the use of, or fail to see the harm in forwarding material of this nature. Statements of this type have no place in rational and intelligent debate concerning sensitive matters of national and international policy.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle to true freedom and peaceful existence that humanity has ever faced, and continues to face presently, is that of tyranny and oppression based on a person’s appearance, culture or beliefs – both spiritual and political. In these days of ever-increasing threats to the principles of freedom, liberty, and justice for all we must be especially vigilant when it comes to matters of racial intolerance. Racism is just as surely a threat to American citizens’ safety and freedom as a rogue terrorist cell.

I trust that you have truly meant what you have said about loving our country, and believing in the principles of truth, justice, and freedom. I hope you will take this opportunity to further your understanding on the topic of respect -- it is an essential part of guaranteeing the inalienable right of liberty. Until that time however, I cannot ethically remain a part of your campaign.

Michelle T. Konieczny,
American Adoptee of unknown heritage

CC: John Berntson, State Chair, Libertarian Party of Colorado
Norm Olsen, Campaigns Director, Libertarian Party of Colorado
James W. Lark, III, Chair, Libertarian National Committee
Ken Bisson, Vice-Chair, Libertarian National Committee
Ed Hoch, Regional LNC Representative
Steve Dasbach, National Director, Libertarian Party of America
Ron Crickenberger, Political Director, Libertarian Party of America
George Getz, Press Secretary, Libertarian Party of America

[Konieczny also sent the letter to the "lpco-chat" e-mail list.]

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