Day of Tears: September 11, 2001

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Day of Tears: September 11, 2001

Donate Blood / Day of Tears

Unfortunately, I do not have a list of area blood donation banks, and phone lines are busy. However, I understand that emergency personnel are looking for blood donations nationwide. You can check the Yellow Pages for blood banks near you.

[UPDATE: You can find a list of Bonfils blood donation sites at HOWEVER, I got a message from the Boulder site Tuesday afternoon that indicated they're working to capacity at present, but they can use additional blood in future days.]

A MESSAGE from Dr. Glazer:

Fellow Libertarians:

As our chairman wisely pointed out today is no day for philosophy and finger pointing. As many of us sit feeling helpless I want to remind you that there is a very patriotic act you can do today - give blood! As I write this victims of these terrorists acts are being sent to hospitals in Canada and New Jersey. Our blood supplies are always low and today will certainly run short. Do not let terrorists claim any additional lives in the next few critical days! Look up your local blood bank or call the Red Cross to find out where to donate. And knock on your neighbors' doors and ask them to go with you.

Lead by example. Donate blood today.

Yours in Liberty;
S. Ellke Glazer MD

We'll see if I can type through my tears. This is a horrible day for America. My thoughts and prayers go out to readers who have suffered personal loss in this tragedy, to the many thousands who have been personally impacted, and for the country as a whole.

We must be both forceful and cautious in our response. One national news broadcaster said we'd have to "revisit a lot of our freedoms." Certainly security will be a major priority. However, to further weaken American civil liberties would be a counter-productive response. Indeed, the libertarian/Jeffersonian foreign policy looks increasingly prudent. The words of Harry Browne have been haunting me all morning: "Because America has taken sides in so many conflicts, because America has armed so many countries' enemies... because American troops occupy so many countries, the world has become dangerous for America.... And now and then foreign terrorists try -- or pretend to try -- to change our government's policies by bombing American targets here or abroad." I remain steadfast in my belief that "the cure is liberty."

--Ari Armstrong

RESPONSE TO GOVERNOR OWENS: Owens said the tragedy is "the price we pay for having such a free and open democracy." He also said we nonetheless don't want to implement a police state. Owens' remarks are significantly far off the mark. The terrorist attack is the price we pay for our policy of foreign interventionism, coupled with an apparent lack preparedness for terrorist attacks. For Owens to place blame on American freedoms is inappropriate. --Ari Armstrong

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