Attack on America: Early Responses from Libertarians

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Attack on America: Early Responses from Libertarians

Dr. Glazer

Fellow Libertarians:

As our chairman wisely pointed out today is no day for philosophy and finger pointing. As many of us sit feeling helpless I want to remind you that there is a very patriotic act you can do today - give blood! As I write this victims of these terrorists acts are being sent to hospitals in Canada and New Jersey. Our blood supplies are always low and today will certainly run short. Do not let terrorists claim any additional lives in the next few critical days! Look up your local blood bank or call the Red Cross to find out where to donate. And knock on your neighbors' doors and ask them to go with you.

Lead by example. Donate blood today.

Yours in Liberty;
S. Ellke Glazer MD

Dr. Glazer is a board member of the Libertarian Party of Colorado.

John Berntson

My Fellow Libertarians:

This is a dark day. There will be repercussions from today that we will be dealing with for years to come: international attacks, possibly war, airport security, more intrusions in the name of security.

When people are calmer, we can make our points on these. Meanwhile, I urge you to watch your tongue over the next couple of days. It does no good to be right when the populace is hurt and angry. We need to let them absorb what has happened; later, we can do our best to tell them why.

We need to let them heal. Don't be goaded into making sweeping statements, even when you are sure they are intellectually valid. Today is not the day for intellect. All people will remember is that some libertarian joined the "blame America first" crowd. And they could be excused for thinking so.

Remember, it was almost certainly not Americans behind today's attack, it was foreign terrorists. That we may have given them a reason - or an excuse - is something to be discussed later. We cannot afford even the appearance of excusing this violence.

As for an official position, if asked: The Libertarian Party denounces everyone who initiates violence. There can be no excuse for this attack on innocent people. Our prayers go to those killed in the attacks and their families. We urge the administration to be cautious in any counter-attacks they may plan, to ensure that only those truly responsible for today's disasters are punished.

John K Berntson
Chair, Libertarian Party of Colorado

Steve Dasbach

Dear Fellow Libertarians,

Today's terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have resulted in thousands of deaths and injuries. While we anticipate issuing a statement tomorrow about what can be done to help prevent such attacks in the future, there is something each of us can do right now to help our fellow Americans.

I would like to urge everyone receiving this message to donate blood at his or her earliest opportunity (starting Tuesday). As Libertarians, we believe in individual initiative and personal responsibility, and I hope that thousands of Libertarians will choose to take this action to help our fellow citizens.

Steve Dasbach
National Director

The Colorado Freedom