Freedom Updates: June 7, 2001

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Freedom Updates: June 7, 2001

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Glass to Join Politically Incorrect?

They certainly picked the right guy. It's difficult to get more politically incorrect than Bob Glass, president of the Tyranny Response Team.

According to Glass and the TRT web page (, Glass will join Bill Maher's nationally broadcast show on Monday, June 11.

As of midnight June 7, Glass is not listed among the guests; but only three of the usual four guests are listed. Check the web page for updates (

The PI web page ( lists broadcast times around the nation, including the following times for Colorado (the time listed at the TRT page appears to be incorrect):

CO KJCT 8 11:35P MT Grand Junction-Montrose
CO KMGH 7 11:05P MT Denver
CO KRDO 13 11:35P MT Colorado Springs-Pueblo

One topic for the show is reported to be the execution of Tim McVeigh. It's fitting to bring a libertarian like Glass onto the show to discuss this, as libertarians have the most solid analysis of the issue I've seen. For instance, see my articles at and

The TRT recently made national internet news via Lew Rockwell's page at

Lookin' For a Great Deal?

Thomas Minsel sent in the following comments.

On the way to work this morning I passed a car dealership. They were having a "sale". To celebrate this sale, they had a big black banner out on the front lawn with a police badge depicted on it. The banner read "Police confiscation sale. The criminal's loss is your gain."

Hmmm.... I wonder what kind of a cut the cops get on this arrangement and what kind of incentives this gives them to try confiscating under various scenarios? This brings to mind the 332 cars (of which 10 belonged to actual criminals by the cops' own admission) the cops confiscated in the Denver city limits in 1997-1998 during the trial period of a city ordinance that "allowed" cops to take cars from folks passing through with so much as an unloaded gun in the trunk? Cars confiscated under illegal search, of course....

L. Neil Smith Takes on Dubya

L. Neil Smith, Libertarian presidential candidate for the state of Arizona and science fiction author, recently published an article titled, "One-Term George, Take Two!" (

Smith argues that libertarian-leaning voters will leave Bush during the next election cycle unless he decides to enforce the Bill of Rights.

"Gun Show Bill is Not What They Say" -- big surprise there. Alan Korwin takes on the recent federal attempt to molest the Second Amendment (

Brian Puckett, President of Citizens of America, wrote a nice article which argues the Bill of Rights applies to the states along with the federal government. See

Harsh words for the FBI -- J.D. Tuccille argues, "When not bungling its way through a chain of scandals, the FBI is a clear menace to the life, liberty and property of decent people. It's time to get rid of the whole rotten organization"

C******** News Network I was shocked to read the following from "Last November, 150 Cubans held an illegal protest, believing their acts would be broadcast.. CNN recorded it. CNN failed to broadcast it, opting instead to run a story about happy Elian. The [protesters] were jailed, some of them beaten. What does CNN stand for again?"

Healing Our World Want to reach out and touch a left-liberal? Try using some of the arguments found in Mary Ruwart's book, Healing Our World. Ruwart applies libertarian principles in a style that appeals to bleeding hearts and others who often advocate a bigger state. Now, Ruwart's book is available on-line! See

Moms Revolt Over Testing

Here's the basic line of events: government schools ruin incentives for administrators and teachers to be accountable to parents and students. So many students in such schools suffer lapses in their education. Then politicians introduce standardized testing in order to impose external standards. Unfortunately, such policies address the symptoms, not the disease.

According to a recent Washington Post column,"New York mothers are rebelling over mandatory standardized testing. 'It's a one-size-fits-all approach,' one mother said."

But so are the government schools! If we want both diversity in education and accountability, the solution is to convert government schools to market schools.

Freedom of Expression, Libertarian Style

Mark Call cc'ed me his following remarks. Call's radio show airs daily on 1360AM from 4-5 pm.

I appreciate the series of [World Net Daily] articles... on 2nd Amendment issues, and want to offer you a suggestion for an action I've been talking about since seeing an article on _WND_ a couple of days back.

The story (Erin Walsh 5/8/01 byline... "Socialist Armbands OK'd after student protest") was about some high school students in northern California who were denied 'free speech' -- they weren't allowed to support socialism by wearing black armbands with red stars on them. Justice and the Bill of Rights prevailed, however, because the stalwart youth protested and the school district awakened to "the Constitution". "This shows that just because we are students, we are not going to just roll over if someone tramples on our rights," said 16-yr-old junior Jennifer St. Clair.

Well, I've been asking a couple of questions for several days now of Ms. St. Clair. Does she think that if her cause was not so "PC" as Youth for Socialism -- say, they wanted to wear armbands with pictures of Jesus Christ on them, or a handgun -- that the First Amendment would've mattered?

Here's what I've been challenging my listeners to do, and would encourage you and _WND_ to advocate as well -- make up some red, white, and blue armbands for students in the Public Cesspools to wear to school. Put a picture of a Dreaded Handgun on them (you know, the kind of picture prohibited by the Deans of Diversity who have Zero Tolerance for any Rights associated with a number bigger than one). Encourage (real) students to WEAR these, nationwide -- especially to school. (I add, for Jenny's benefit -- 'Hey, you can strike a blow for not just the FIRST Amendment, but the first TWO AMENDMENTS! That's TWICE as good!)

When some kids are expelled for it, great. The stories should be real news, and both the kids and parents will learn more about the REAL state of the Constitution and Bill of Rights than they ever will from the Government schools. Besides, maybe they'll understand that Someone is trying to tell them something anyway, and end up taking their children out of those Youth Education Camps. Any way you look at it, by encouraging children to exercise their Rights (while they still might be able to) and learn, they win.

MMM Missteps

Ralph Shnelvar sends in the following letter:

Dear Ari:

A correction... [Y]ou wrote: "The flyer begins, 'Over 40% of homes with children have a gun.' That's a good thing, as those children are kept safer from violent criminals. (In fact, even children in homes without guns are kept safer by those parents who choose to assume the responsibility of self-defense, as criminals don't usually know which house might contain the gun. It's ironic that the Million Moms free-load in this way off the gun owners who were protesting them.)"

The word should be "protecting" and not "protesting."

Also, I'd probably substitute "are" for "were" in that same sentence.

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