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Moms Rally for Freedom

A Photo Journal of the 2001 Mothers' Day Events in Denver

by Ari Armstrong, May 14, 2001

Ryan Morgan's May 14 Denver Post article describes the Tyranny Response Team as "black-clad, pro-gun hecklers." Perhaps Morgan was referring to the woman's black dress in the photograph below:

Joining her are Libertarian Party members BetteRose Smith and David Aitken. Smith's sign reads, "A gun saved my sister!" Her sister used a gun to scare off an intruder in her home. Aitken's sign says, "We celebrate the life of Susan Gonzales, who saved her life with a gun." Gonzales was being attacked by an intruder when she shot and killed him.

True, many TRT members were dressed in the group's T-shirt, which displays yellow lettering on a dark blue shirt. Unfortunately, Morgan only covered part of the story. In Morgan's defense, the boisterousness and outright rudeness of some TRT members tended to overshadow the presence of all the other people both with the TRT and with different groups like the LP or Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. For example, Joe Johnson didn't "heckle" at all, but instead dressed up in a Statue of Liberty costume to hold a sign and wave at passersby. But the press loves confrontation, so Morgan's coverage is skewed in that direction. Morgan included a nice quote from me, however, so he deserves credit for seeking out both sides of the story.

Several mothers came with their families to rally on behalf of freedom.

In the middle photograph, the woman's sign says, "Million Misled Moms: Pawns in the destruction of our Bill of Rights." In the third photograph, the mother is holding a copy of the Bill of Rights.

Cal Smith and Heidi are on the TRT board of directors. They are both clad in white this day.

In the following photograph, the woman (the yellow-clad one) holds a sign which reads, "We remember the millions killed when disarmed by law." Unfortunately, while the Million Moms remember those killed by gun violence, they completely ignore both those who saved their lives with a gun and those who were killed by victim disarmament laws.

High above on the west steps of the state capitol building, the Million Moms rallied to further restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners. One Million Mom spelled out his political agenda on a large sign:

MMM State Coordinator Amy Sodnicar likewise called for more laws reducing the ability of honest citizens to defend themselves. She is shown in the next photograph.

Meanwhile, a statue of an armed man stands above the proceedings.

Sodnicar urged her fellow Million Moms to find a police officer with a gun to protect them if they were ever confronted by violence. Dozens of armed officers were on duty to guard the Million Moms. I talked with several of the officers and they were polite and respectful.

In the first photograph, a group of officers have congregated to escort an elderly gentlemen off the steps who had happened to walk along with a sign supportive of civil rights. Note that the officer in the middle has a tripod -- he is videotaping the peaceful crowd below.

The second photograph also shows police officers videotaping the civil arms ralliers. Maybe they just couldn't figure out how those darn cameras work -- the dangerous group was behind them. The Million Moms are the ones who have initiated physical violence on at least two occasions in Colorado, and they are the ones who advocate more violent raids to enforce arbitrary gun laws. Meanwhile, the TRT, while often rude (a point I intend to criticize in a future article), has always behaved peacefully.

Unfortunately, most women do not have the ability to keep armed police officers around to protect them. The policies advocated by the Million Moms are proven to increase violent crime against women by keeping them defenseless.

The Million Moms are by and large good, caring people who genuinely want a safer society. Unfortunately, the moral of their story is that the road to more violence is paved with good intentions.

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