Good Mothers are Responsible Role Models

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Good Mothers are Responsible Role Models

by Carla Howell, May 13, 2001

The following speech was presented on Mothers' Day in Boston at a Second Amendment Sisters rally.

Mothers' Day. Flowers. Candy. Gratitude. Good memories.

A good mother makes all the difference. What she is. What she does. A mother is the great influence for her children.

A mother is the great teacher of her children. For good or ill, a mother shapes and directs her children's destinies.

Motherhood is a calling. Motherhood is a challenge.

Today, motherhood is more demanding than ever before. It is hard to be a good mother. It is hard to be a responsible role model.

Good mothers are responsible role models.

Good mothers care for their children. Good mothers protect their young. Good mothers make their homes safe. Make their children safe. Good mothers defend their children.

Many good mothers are gun owners. Responsible gun owners.

Good mothers know that police cannot be everywhere.

Good mothers refuse to be victims. And refuse to allow their children to be victims.

That is why many good mothers become responsible gun owners.

Well-informed mothers know:

  • Gun Prohibition doesn't work.

  • Gun Prohibition makes things worse.

  • Gun Prohibition creates new problems.

  • It wastes Billions of dollars.

  • Gun Prohibition diverts huge amounts of money and energy from positive uses such as going after violent criminals.

Well-informed mothers know that John Lott is right: "More Guns, Less Crime."

Well-informed mothers know that they must protect their children until the police arrive.

Good mothers are responsible role models. They live and teach firearm safety to their children. They live and teach responsible gun ownership.

Their homes are safer. Their children are safer.

In the animal kingdom, the mother protects her young. She teaches them to fend for themselves, and defend themselves.

In human society, good mothers protect their young. Good mothers teach them to fend for themselves, and defend themselves.

Good mothers teach their children to be safe, self-respecting and self-reliant.

Good mothers raise responsible children.

These children become responsible adults. And very often, responsible parents.

They will make America a better place. A safer place. A more responsible place.

Good mothers need our help.

As the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate against Ted Kennedy in 2000, and as a possible candidate for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, I call for the following Bold steps:

  1. Immediately Repeal Massachusetts Anti-Gun Chapter 180.

  2. Immediately Repeal all state and local Massachusetts Anti-Gun laws that hinder or prohibit Gun Freedom.

  3. Immediately Remove regulations imposed by Attorneys General Tom Reilly and Scott Harshbarger which prevent responsible gun owners from buying firearms used for self-defense.

  4. Repeal the over 20,000 Federal Anti-Gun Laws. Including the Assault Weapons Ban. Including the Brady Bill.

  5. The Big Government politicians and Big Media (TV and Newspapers) must stop fanning the flames of Anti-Gun Hysteria. Stop placing Anti-Gun propaganda and Anti-Gun language in TV shows and newspaper articles. Stop demonizing honest and responsible gun owners. Stop blaming guns for the consequences of their Anti-Gun legislation.

  6. Big Government politicians and Big Media must start telling the truth. They must inform concerned mothers of the wonderful crime-preventing achievements of gun owners in America. Thanks to guns, a violent crime is thwarted once every 7 seconds. A million-and-a-half times a year. "More Guns, Less Crime."

We must remove the laws, policies, and propaganda that keep a good mother from protecting her children. Because that's her first duty as a mother.

To every good mother, Thank You for being a responsible role model.

From your children and me, Happy Mothers' Day.

The Colorado Freedom