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Mighty Thin Dime

by Mark Call, March 9, 2001

The following letter is reprinted with permission. Call's radio show broadcasts Monday through Friday on 1360 AM from 4-5 pm.

Chuck -

I appreciate your great work on the "GOP News & Views" e-newsletter. I do need to make a comment about whether 'there IS a difference' or not [between the Republicans and Democrats]. While I understand and agree with part of your point -- there clearly is a difference -- it is increasingly obvious that it is specifically and ONLY one of pragmatism, and unfortunately NOT of principle.

President G. W. Bush is proving himself to be a much more effective administrator of the Socialist Welfare State than either the alternative or his criminal predecessor. When it comes to the REAL issues, however, of "Does he understand the oath to 'preserve, protect, and defend' the Constitution of the United States?" I unfortunately have to contend the evidence is increasingly clear:

What does his 'top priority' - Education - have to say in light of a party which once allegedly recognized that the lawful, appropriate role of the central government is ABSOLUTELY NONE? Reread his speech of last week.

How dare a man, whose response to undeniable evidence of massive crimes by his predecessor 'role model' is "let's move on", have the gaul to tell me that he intends to teach MY children "right from wrong". (If you heard from a teacher that your teenager had cheated or stolen, would you accept a response from ANYONE that the proper answer is "let's move on", "put this behind us", because -- of course -- "everybody does it.") Didn't Republicans once call for ELIMINATING the unconstitutional Dept. of Education, not increasing its budget and power?

"Faith-based initiatives"?? When Satan tempted Jesus Christ in the wilderness with similar entrapments, the Lord saw through the lies. History clearly teaches that far too many preachers will take the hook from an apparently benevolent Big Brother. If Mr. Bush is serious about allowing the Church to once again be free, he could have called off the jackboots before they seized the Indianapolis Baptist Temple (for their failure years earlier to spot the same type of trap), and could pardon the remaining survivors from the last carnage against an American church, down in Waco, Texas.

I appreciate your work, Chuck, and have no doubt that W. will be a better man in charge of our Dictatorial Democracy, but when it comes to 'differences', on principle where it counts, I still need to see that G.W. and what, unfortunately, passes for 'leadership' in our party in both houses of Congress, understand the difference between PROTECTING our Constitution and undermining it. There's clearly not a dime's worth of difference between the empty lip service they pay to it.


Mark Call

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