Why Rapists Will Love the Anti-gun Agenda of Sunday's Million Mom March

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Why Rapists Will Love the Anti-gun Agenda
of Sunday's Million Mom March

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WASHINGTON, DC -- Women participating in the Million Mom March this weekend are making a terrible mistake by attacking guns instead of focusing on the women who have been raped or killed because of gun control laws, the Libertarian Party said today.

"Sunday should be a day to mourn the victims of gun control -- including the estimated 4,177 women who will be raped this year because it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon in their state," said Steve Dasbach, Libertarian Party national director.

"Instead, these marchers will demand more laws that will put more women at risk. Libertarians have to ask: What will it take to make the Million Mom marchers understand that criminals love women who hate guns?"

This Sunday, an estimated 150,000 women will participate in the Million Mom March on the Mall in Washington, DC. They will demand what they call "common sense" gun laws -- including mandatory trigger locks, gun licensing, limits on gun and ammunition purchases, an end to TV programs and movies that "glamorize" guns, more regulation of gun shows, and much more.

Unfortunately, such laws would just put more women at risk of being raped or killed, said Dasbach.

"It's impossible to count all the women who have already been victimized by anti-gun measures like waiting periods, handgun bans, and restrictions on the right to carry a weapon for self-defense," he said.

"However, we do know that at least 4,177 women are raped every year because of laws that make it illegal to carry a concealed weapon."

That figure comes from a study by the Cato Institute, which found that violent crime dropped dramatically in 24 states that passed concealed-carry laws, allowing ordinary people to carry concealed handguns.

The Lott-Mustard study, "Crime, Deterrence, and Right-to-Carry Concealed Handguns," found that in those states, rapes fell by 5.2%, murders were reduced by 7.65%, robberies fell by 2.2%, and aggravated assaults dropped by 7%.

Had other states passed similar concealed-carry laws, that 5.2% drop in rapes would have translated into an additional 4,000+ women annually who would not have been sexually assaulted. Instead, tragically, they were raped because politicians refused to give them the right to defend themselves.

"The Million Mom March participants think they are sponsoring an anti-gun event. Instead, they are sponsoring a pro-rape event," said Dasbach. "If you listen carefully on Sunday, you just might hear the sound of rapists, stalkers, and wife-beaters cheering as they anticipate how much easier it will be to commit crimes against defenseless women."

If the marchers aren't willing to consider the past and future victims of gun-control laws, Libertarians will, said Dasbach.

"As the media focuses on women who are demanding that their Second Amendment rights be taken away from them, Libertarians will commemorate the women whose right not to be a crime victim was taken away from them," he said.

"Libertarians will remember the girls who never become mothers because their lives were cut short by criminal psychopaths. We will remember the mothers who lost children to gun-toting thugs because it was illegal for them to defend their families. And we will remember the women whose lives have been ravaged by rape, assault, or similar crimes.

"In short, we mourn the thousands of women who cannot march on Sunday -- because they are the silent victims of the lethal laws and gun-control policies that the Million Mom March so loudly advocates."

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