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To: All LibertyWire Subscribers

From: Perry Willis, Campaign Manager

Subject: You saved the campaign!

All I can say is "Wow!" -- and thank you!

I felt that our campaign report and "save the
campaign" appeal had to generate a bare minimum of
$20,000 to get us moving again. So I was
desperately trying to devise clever ways to
operate at a severely reduced level with that much

Imagine my surprise and gratitude as the
contributions just kept coming and coming and
coming. They passed $20,000 within the first few
hours and continued to build over the next 48

We're still processing the donations, and many
more people have said they're mailing checks. As
of now, it appears the final tally will be
somewhere over $50,000. In my report I told you we
needed $50,000 to get moving again at full
capacity and more than $80,000 to get completely
out of debt. You gave us what we needed to get
back to full speed immediately -- and more

We have gone ahead and scheduled a fund-raising
mailing to the LP membership -- and we have
reconfirmed all of Harry's previously scheduled
campaign appearances and given our P.R. firm the
go-ahead to get back to work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude for
all the emails of encouragement and support we've
received over the past three days. It has been
overwhelming, lifting our spirits and casting
aside the gloom that had descended on the campaign
over the previous few days.

The support is especially gratifying since we know
that so many people are also working as
under-appreciated campaign volunteers, and quite a
few have their own campaigns to fund. Please know
that we will do all we can to support your local
effort by giving you the best presidential
campaign we can deliver -- one we hope will make
your job easier by providing name recognition for
the Libertarian label nationally.

Of course, we still have plenty of work to do. We
have some unpaid bills remaining and we have the
new TV ads to produce.

Some people offered to make contributions only if
assured the campaign would continue. Well, it is
continuing. And to inspire you to make that
contribution, I'm attaching below our next
fund-raising appeal, which will be mailed to all
LP members next week. The appeal includes some
scripts for the TV ads we're going to produce.

If you want to see these ads on nationwide TV,
please make a contribution by going to the secure
page on our website at:

Thank you again. We're back at full speed, and we
expect to have more good news to report soon.

---------- Text of TV Ad Appeal Letter ----------

New TV ads!

A message from Harry Browne

Dear friend,

If you can help me solve a problem, I'll send you
a copy of our 30-minute campaign video, "The Great
Libertarian Offer," as my way of saying thanks.

The problem is this: We want to broadcast that
video on national TV, but we can't do so until
August. The national TV networks won't sell us
time until after the presidential nominating
convention in July, and it will take at least a
month after that to reserve and pay for the time.

We look forward to broadcasting the video in
August, September and October. But I don't want to
wait that long to do national advertising. The
presidential campaign is underway now, and we need
to build name recognition and momentum now.

We're already showing up in the polls -- at 0.8%
nationally in the Zogby poll. (And a Portland
Oregonian poll of Oregon voters has me at 2% this
week.) This is something we never achieved in
1996, and it can be just the beginning. By
including my name in their questions, the
pollsters are providing a tremendous opportunity
that we need to take advantage of before we lose
it. So it's essential that we start more
advertising now.

New TV Ads

We've already aired our 30-minute video 16 times
in major cities, but these airings don't provide
the national coverage we need. So we want to
produce a series of 30-second and 60-second TV ads
that we can air on national TV in late June and
July. Not only will these ads be cheaper to run,
but the networks will gladly sell us the time now
because it won't disrupt their programming
schedules, the way a 30-minute infomercial would.

I want these ads to be different from all previous
LP presidential campaign ads. No talking heads.
Instead, I want to do ads that are polished,
provocative, and get people talking about us.

If you've already seen or heard about our
30-minute campaign video, you know we can produce
highly professional ads. Kristin Overn, our
producer, will make sure of that.

We have a series of scripts ready, and more are in
development. I want you to see some of the ideas
now, so you'll know what we have in mind.

Please understand: These ads aren't meant to
persuade or educate anyone. They are trying to
achieve three things:

1. Let people know there's another, quite
different, candidate;

2. Generate curiosity and conversation; and

3. Most important, encourage those who already
agree with us to help us. Before autumn, we need
to recruit as many supporters as possible to help
us spread the word and finance a fall advertising

So we want these ads to be edgy, provocative, and
memorable. Here are examples of what I mean.
Please note that we have many scripts in the
works, and these ideas may change or be replaced
with something we like even better. But these will
give you an idea of what we have in mind.



Image: A bacon-and-eggs breakfast on a nice table

Announcer (voice over): This is your breakfast.

Image: We see a similar table setting with gruel
on the plate.

Announcer (voice over): This is your breakfast on
Social Security.

The announcer explains how Harry Browne's
Libertarian plan for Social Security can save
people's bacon and give them a much better deal
than Social Security provides. He then tells how
to get more information about the campaign.


"IRS Building"

Image: A picture of the IRS building in
Washington, D.C.

Announcer: What does Libertarian presidential
candidate Harry Browne plan to do with the IRS
headquarters in Washington, D.C.?

Image: Old footage of the Berlin Wall being torn
down. Then a young German holding up a piece of
concrete by a sign that says, "Buy a piece of the
Berlin Wall."

Image: Dissolve to footage of a building

Image: Dissolve again to a huge pile of rubble. A
sign next to it says, "Buy a piece of IRS

Announcer (voice over): Libertarian presidential
candidate Harry Browne wants to auction off pieces
of the IRS headquarters building to help pay off
the national debt and free you of the interest

Image: The picture dissolves to footage of Harry
Browne and the campaign's contact information

Announcer (voice over): To learn how Libertarian
presidential candidate Harry Browne would reduce
the federal government to its constitutional
limits, eliminating the need for the income tax
and the IRS, call 1-800-777-2000.


"Yard Sign"

Image: Harry Browne standing in a front yard with
a sign in his hand.

Harry: Hi, I'm Harry Browne, Libertarian candidate
for president. I believe people should have the
courage of their convictions. Anyone who truly
believes gun control reduces crime ought to be
happy to post this sign in his front yard.

Image: Harry plants the sign into the ground.

Image: The camera focuses on the sign. It reads:
"Attention criminals: The occupants of this house
believe in gun control. We own no firearms."

Image: Campaign contact information appears.

Announcer: To learn how Libertarian presidential
candidate Harry Browne would protect your right to
defend yourself, call 1-800-777-2000.


These samples can give you an idea of the kind of
provocative ads we have in mind. We have a number
of others as well -- including ads on drug
prohibition and the wasted-vote syndrome.

If you like these ads, please remember that there
are millions of Americans who will like them, too,
because they feel the same way you do about these
issues. These people are unrepresented and
voiceless, and most of them don't know that
Libertarians stand for what they believe. They are
going to be delighted when they see that someone
is broadcasting these ads _nationally_.

Those who don't agree with us don't need to like
our ads. _They_ aren't the ones we're trying to
reach right now. We aren't yet trying to persuade
a majority of people to vote for us.

We're trying to reach those people who hate what
the federal government is doing, and who are
afraid the Democrats and Republicans will never
give them what they want. We want them to know
there's a principled and hard-hitting alternative
to the namby-pamby Republicans and Democrats.

We need to reach these people first, enlist their
support, and urge them to help us with money,
influence, and volunteer work.

What We Need to Do

Each ad will cost about $12,000 to produce. We've
scheduled production for them in late May, to be
on the air by late June. So we need to raise the
production money in the next three weeks. We'll
create as many different ads as the contributions
will finance.

In June the ads will start running on national TV.
They should cost only a few thousand dollars per
airing. We'll try to run several ads on one issue
during a single show, so the repetition will cause
the message to sink in on each audience.

Can you help us? Your contribution of $1,000,
$500, $250, $100, $50, $25, or $10 will enable us
to produce the ads and get them on the air. Your
support will let us bridge the advertising gap
between now and August, when we can broadcast our
30-minute video on national TV.

We are already getting more attention than we
received in 1996 -- more media coverage, more
attention from the polling companies, more
inquiries, more volunteer coverage. And we want to
keep the momentum building.

If you can contribute today we'll say thanks in
two ways:

* We'll send you a videocassette of our 30-minute
video, "The Great Libertarian Offer."

* If you can give $100 or more, we'll list your
name in the videocassette version we'll make of
the new ads we produce.

This is a very important project. I hope you can
make your best contribution today to pay for these
ads. Thank you for all your past support for both
me and for the Libertarian Party.

With best wishes,

Harry Browne
Libertarian for President



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