Background Checks Harm Honest Citizens

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Background registration
checks don't stop criminals...

they make it harder for honest
people to protect their families.

Background Checks Harm Honest Citizens
Between August 1999 and January 2000, in recorded cases the Colorado Bureau of Investigation wrongfully denied 329 honest Coloradans their right to purchase a firearm (Rocky Mountain News, January 22). Hundreds more were wrongfully denied but their cases were not recorded, and hundreds or thousands more have been wrongfully denied since then.

Background Checks are Unconstitutional
The Colorado Constitution states, "The right of no person to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person and property... shall be called in question..." Because of faulty and incomplete records, background checks "call in question" the rights of honest citizens to purchase firearms.

Background Checks Can Increase Crime
"No statistically significant evidence has appeared that the Brady [background check] law has reduced crime, and there is some statistically significant evidence that rates for rape and aggravated assault have actually risen by about 4 percent relative to what they would have been without the law" (Yale Professor John Lott, More Guns, Less Crime, page 162). Lott also found "no crime-reduction benefits from state-mandated... background checks before people are allowed to buy a gun" (20).

Background Checks Hurt Minorities and the Poor
Background checks on honest citizens raise the costs of guns, thus making it more difficult for the poor to defend their families. John Lott found, "Law-abiding minorities in the most crime-prone areas produce the greatest crime reductions from being able to defend themselves" (More Guns, Less Crime, page 70).

Background Checks Register Gun Owners
Right now, the FBI keeps records of citizens who buy guns after undergoing a federal background check. History proves that registration of gun owners often precedes the confiscation of guns, as happened in Germany, Britain, Australia, California, and other locations.

There is No "Loophole"
Right now, sales at gun shows are subject to the same laws in effect everywhere else -- sales by licensed dealers require a mandatory background check on honest citizens, but private sales do not. David Kopel of the Independence Institute writes, "According to a National Institute of Justice study released in December 1997, only 2 percent of guns used in crimes come from gun shows."

Freedom is not a 'loophole'!

The Colorado Freedom