GOA Asks Owens to Release Prior Gun Views

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GOA Asks Owens to Release Prior Gun Views

Gun Owners Group Calls on Governor Owens to Release His 1998 NRA Candidate Questionnaire to the Public

Dennis Fusaro, Director of State Legislation for Gun Owners of America, today called on Governor Bill Owens to release to the public what he said on his 1998 NRA-ILA Candidate Questionnaire.

"There is nothing moderate about his gun control agenda, a clear departure from his 1998 campaign rhetoric," said Fusaro. "I know he has flip-flopped, but I think it's even worse than we know. Let him prove me wrong by releasing his 1998 NRA questionnaire, the real one he signed before he got the gun control bug."

Currently Governor Owens is telling the media and grassroots gun owners that he hasn't changed his positions. Yet last year he vetoed NRA-backed tort reform legislation, which would protect gun manufacturers and dealers from frivolous gun lawsuits.

"Governor Owens' credibility is at stake. He told the crowd at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC that he supported tort reform. He didn't tell them he vetoed a tort reform bill in 1999," said Fusaro.

"A Zogby International poll taken one month after the Littleton shootings showed that 71% of the respondents opposed junk lawsuits by cities," said Fusaro. "Owens claims his agenda is 'moderate' but helping to sustain junk lawsuits against gun makers simply helps the gun banners achieve their ultimate objectives.

"More importantly, what did Owens tell the NRA in 1998 on his questionnaire? Of course to really know, people would need to see a copy of it with his signature. NRA has a policy of not releasing the questionnaires they receive from candidates to their members and supporters.

"This allows politicians like Bill Owens to say one thing while campaigning and do another once elected," adds Fusaro. "When I challenged him at his speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC all he could do was divert the issue and attack the messenger, which is politics as usual."

Gun Owners of America (GOA) is called the only national no-compromise, grassroots gun lobby with roughly 200,000 members. GOA opposes gun control and works for the rights of gun owners all across America. GOA will be urging its supporters to keep opposing Governor Owens' gun control agenda no matter what.

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