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Second Amendment Sisters

A message from the Second Amendment Sisters in Colorado:

I'll bet that you understand that self defense is the most basic human right, because all your other rights are worthless if you aren't even allowed to keep yourself and your loved ones alive. I am certain that this is true because I once had to defend myself from a crazed attacker -- and I am alive today because I had a gun when I needed it. It is obvious to any rational person that a firearm is the most effective means of defense because it is the one thing that a criminal fears and respects. Unfortunately, the firearms prohibitionist fanatics are putting together a march on Washington, D.C. on Mothers' Day, May 14, to take away your rights!

That's why I have volunteered to be the Colorado state coordinator for the Second Amendment Sisters' Armed Informed Mothers March project. To protect everyone's right to self-defense and other legitimate uses of firearms, the Second Amendment Sisters are organizing women (and anyone else who believes as we do) to march on the mall in Washington D.C. on May 14, 2000. We want to make it clear to the American public that the women and politicians who accept biased press coverage promoting anti-self- defense, anti-Second-Amendment hysteria DO NOT speak for the better- informed, principled women of America. Our slogan "take back the night with your 2nd amendment right" says it best.

We are confident that with your help the Second Amendment Sisters can deliver a clear and compelling message to the lawmakers in Washington - NO MORE GUN CONTROL that targets, punishes, burdens, handicaps or harasses non-violent citizens. You must help us tell the politicians to go after the violent criminals instead of attacking our Second Amendment rights!

Visit our website at to make an online donation, become a sponsor of our organization, help us recruit volunteer members, or sign our online petition opposing unconstitutional gun control.

Please send copies of this letter to as many Second Amendment supporters as you know.

Allow me to thank you, in advance, for your help.


Debra A Collins
AIMM Colorado Coordinator

Your donations are gladly accepted at Second Amendment Sisters, 13918 East Mississippi Avenue #221, Aurora, CO 80012.

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