Colorado Legislative Bills 2000

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Colorado Legislative Bills 2000

The following list does not contain every bill issued in the 2000 session. Nor is it an official list. Factual claims should be verified independently. Editorial claims are those of the contributers only.

Table of Contents
Education and Child Care
Growth -- Community and State
Crime and Judiciary
"Efficient" Government


For more information on gun-related bills, see the CSSA web page and the RMGO web page.

HB00-1114, Concealed Weapon Permit Information, LEE--CHLOUBER

HB00-1197, Safe Storage Of Firearms, WILLIAMS S.--PERLMUTTER

HB00-1201, Weapon Possession By A Felon, MCELHANY--(NONE)

HB00-1208 Lawsuits Against Firearms Manufacturers, CLAPP--TECK

HB00-1214, Penalty For Firearms Straw Purchasers, DECKER--SULLIVANT

HB00-1220 Under 21 Gun Show Purchase Prohibition, ZIMMERMAN--PHILLIPS

HB00-1241, Previous Offenders Possessing Weapons, LEE--(NONE)

HB00-1242 Required Background Checks At Gun Shows, GORDON--(NONE)

HB00-1243 Parental Consent For Firearms For Minors, LEE--(NONE)

HB00-1245, Weapons On School Property, WINDELS--(NONE)

HB00-1247 Permitting Juvenile To Possess Handgun, FAIRBANK--(NONE)

SB00-010, Lawsuits Against Firearms Manufacturers, TECK--CLAPP

SB00-089, Firearms Transfers & Age Of Possession, HERNANDEZ--(NONE)


HB00-1021, Income Tax Rate Reduction, NUNEZ--LAMBORN

HB00-1049 Make Earned Income Tax Credit Permanent, MCPHERSON--LACY

HB00-1050, Elim Sales Tax On Phone & Telegraph Serv, MCELHANY--LAMBORN

HB00-1051, Income Tax Credit For Telecommuting, STENGEL--CHLOUBER

HB00-1053, Income Tax Deduction For Charity, MITCHELL--BLICKENSDERFER

HB00-1061, Sales Tax Exemption For All Food, DEAN--LACY

HB00-1062, Restricted Revs & TABOR Excess Revs, NUNEZ--(NONE)

HB00-1065, Oil & Gas Severance Tax, SPRADLEY--WATTENBERG

HB00-1066, Business Personal Property Tax Credit, HEFLEY--ANDREWS

HB00-1082, Research & Dev Prop Sales Tax Exempt, KING--POWERS

HB00-1103, Income Tax Rate Reduction, SPRADLEY--OWEN

HB00-1135, Sales & Use Tax Holidays, ALLEN--SULLIVANT

HB00-1140, Tax Vehicles At Actual Price, MCPHERSON--(NONE)

HB00-1145, Business Pers Prop Tax, SPRADLEY--OWEN

HB00-1187 Sales Tax Exemption For Occasional Sales, MCKAY--LAMBORN

SB00-006, Max Time Limit On DeBrucing Measures, LAMBORN--(NONE)

SB00-103, Create Colo Commission On Fair Taxation, FEELEY--(NONE)

These notes were compiled by Gaar Potter.

Tax bills scheduled for the 2000 Colorado Legislative session constitute a grab-bag of tax cuts with seemingly something for everyone. There is a rather confusing tendency, however, to condition the tax- cuts on so-called “Excess Tabor Revenue”. It might become very complicated computing and allocating “Excess Tabor Revenue” among the various tax provisions. Such provisions contain the word “conditional” in their brief description. Provisions that do not yet have monetary or percentage amounts stated contain the word “unspecified” in their description. Bills that are sunsetted contain the word “temporary” in their description. Most of the bills are narrowly targeted. They include both income tax and sales tax reductions. In my opinion, permanent, broad- based tax reductions are the most efficient and fair way to comply with Tabor. Due to current federal tax law, sales tax reductions are more advantageous overall. Accordingly, an across the board, permanent sales tax rate reduction would be my choice. Naturally, such a provision is not proposed herein. I have sorted the tax provisions into the following categories:

tax reductions related to agriculture

1002 -- income tax credit for colo estate tax pd on “agricultural assets” 5 yr carryover

1162 -- expands sales tax exemption def of “implements of husbandry”

tax reductions related to child care

1019 -- sales tax subsidy for child care providers

1030 expands and increases (to 40%) existing employer credits for child care etc. 5 yr carryover

1203 -- conditional credit for low paid child care workers

tax reductions related to education

1052 -- credit (25%) for contribs to Colo Institute for Telecommunication Education

1177 -- credit for contributions to schools and scholarships etc. 5 year carryover

1193 -- conditional credit up to 250 for teachers and home schoolers for unreimbursed education materials

1198 -- conditional unspecified credit for education expenses paid by parents

1236 -- conditional credit up to 200 for teachers cpe

tax reductions targeted to individuals

1049 -- makes unconditional and removes sunset on CO earned income credit

1053 -- adjustment for charitable contributions for non-itemizers

1060 -- Adjustment for medical insurance costs not deducted computation not defined

1104 -- refundable tax credit (up to $1000) for non-deductible health plan costs of individuals

1171 -- makes unconditional and expands exemption 1200-2400 int div cap gains, adds inflation adj.

1209 -- makes unconditional the adjustment for capital gains on business property

1233 -- conditional property tax credit for certain seniors

broadly based tax reductions

1021 -- reduces basic CO income tax rate from 4 ű to 4 Ŗ

1050 -- eliminates state sales tax on telephone etc.

1061 -- exempts prepared food from state sales tax

1064 -- sales tax exemption for non-prescription drugs etc.

1066 -- conditional income tax credit for personal property tax paid on business property

1103 -- same as 1021 but 41/2%

1135 -- conditional sales tax holidays (not including motor vehicles)

1140 -- values vehicles at lesser or 75% msrp or cost

other targeted tax redutions

1014 -- unspecified income tax credit for maintaining open space management plan 5 yr carryover

1032 -- sales tax refund relating to pharmacological r&d

1051 -- unspecified employer credit for commuting mile saved by “telecommuting” 3 yr carryover

1063 -- credit for student loan pmts of qualified health professional in "health care shortage areas"

1065 -- expands severance tax exemptions for oil and gas

1082 -- state sales tax exemption for r&d personal property

1102 -- creates charitable presumption for certain libraries

1134 -- residency expemption for certain military services

1163 -- reduces tax on greyhound gross wagers from .045 to .0075

de-brucing and other administrative provisions

1007 -- redefines revenues etc for purposes of RTD statutes

1054 -- De-Brucing various appropriations

1059 -- 30 day minimum for property tax statements>penalty

1062 -- unfathomable bruce tinkering regarding timing etc.

1145 -- modifies credit and procedures regarding personal property tax on business property

1178 -- proration of tax for construction etc. equipment only in state part-year

1187 -- exempts isolated and occasional sales of pers ppty (not including motor vehicles) from sales tax

1211 -- modifies rules regarding credit for non-highway use of special fuels

1012 -- additional fee for mailing license plates

Education and Child Care

HB00-1019, Sales & Use Tax Exemption For Child Care, SPRADLEY--TEBEDO

HB00-1025, CO Children's Trust Fund, CLARKE--LINKHART

HB00-1029, Eligibility For Child Care Assistance, TUPA--PASCOE

HB00-1030, Tax Credits Promoting Child Care, HEFLEY--LINKHART

HB00-1081, Public Education Checkoff Program, PLANT--FEELEY

HB00-1177 Income Tax Credit For Educ Contributions, SINCLAIR--TECK

HB00-1125, Space Based Education Program, DEAN--(NONE)

HB00-1126, Character Education, WILLIAMS S.--EVANS

HB00-1136, Learning Improvement Grants, TAPIA--(NONE)

HB00-1159, School Finance, ALLEN--ANDERSON

HB00-1176 No Lim On Time Of Home Religious Study, DEAN--(NONE)

HB00-1181, Charter School Applications, SPENCE--(NONE)

HB00-1193 Instructional Expenses Income Tax Credit, STENGEL--(NONE)

HB00-1222, School Dist Critical Shortage Hirings, BACON--MATSUNAKA

HB00-1236, Tax Credit For Teacher Cont Education, WINDELS--(NONE)

SB00-004, Performance Grant Program For Schools, MATSUNAKA--(NONE)

SB00-027, Colorado Preschool Program, PASCOE--WILLIAMS S.

SB00-031, Summer School Funding Pilot Program, ARNOLD--KESTER

SB00-046, School Guarantee Act, ANDREWS--(NONE)

SB00-059, Automatic Admissions For Higher Ed, MARTINEZ--(NONE)

SB00-064, Extending The Student Loan Enterprise, ARNOLD--SPENCE

SB00-105, Safe School Environment, RUPERT--BACON

SB00-114, Period Of Silence And Ten Commandments, ANDREWS--HEFLEY

Growth -- Community and State

HB00-1001, Master Plan Criteria, GOTLIEB--REEVES

HB00-1014, Income Tax Credit For Open Space, WITWER--CONGROVE

SB00-008, Local Govt Master Plans, REEVES--ZIMMERMAN

SB00-060, Cap Const Proj Local Gov Restrictions, POWERS--(NONE)

SB00-118, Responsible Growth Act, SULLIVANT--STENGEL

Crime and Judiciary

HB00-1107, Substantive Criminal Omnibus, KAUFMAN--WHAM

HB00-1166, DNA Testing Of Certain Offenders, GROSSMAN--WHAM

HB00-1168, SB00-032, Hate Crimes, TATE--RUPERT

HB00-1231 Protection Of Unborn Children From Crime, HEFLEY--ANDREWS

HB00-1240, Inspection Of Juv Delinquency Records, CHAVEZ--(NONE)

"Efficient" Government


HB00-1067, Alternative Fuels Incentives, PASCHALL--EVANS

HB00-1068, Deregulation Of Passenger Transportation, PFIFFNER--(NONE)

HB00-1156, Cellular Phone Abuse Prevention, CLARKE--(NONE)

HB00-1227, Motor Vehicle Registration Fees, KING--CONGROVE

SB00-011, MVD Licenses And ID Cards, LAMBORN--GOTLIEB

SB00-108, Special Trans Projects Program, THIEBAUT--(NONE)


HB00-1032, Sales Tax Refund For Drug Development, SCOTT--ARNOLD

HB00-1037, Catastrophic Health Insurance Coverage, HOPPE--MUSGRAVE

HB00-1063, Tax Credit Health Care Shortage Areas, YOUNG--SULLIVANT

HB00-1064, Sales & Use Tax Exempt Health Prod, TOCHTROP--(NONE)

HB00-1104 ,Tax Credit For Costs Of Health Benefits, WILLIAMS T.--OWEN

HB00-1179 Regulation Of Barbers & Cosmetologists, KESTER--CHLOUBER

HB00-1246, Safety Standards For Body Art Facilities, TUPA--EPPS

SB00-034, Disease Of Obesity Prevention, TANNER--(NONE)

SB00-048, Male Mammography, TANNER--(NONE)

SB00-054, Organ & Tissue Registry, PASCOE--LAWRENCE

SB00-102, Woman's Right To Know, MUSGRAVE--CLAPP


HB00-1011, Rural Telecommunications Providers, COLEMAN--(NONE)

HB00-1043, New Bucket For Competitive Telecom Svcs, YOUNG--(NONE)

HB00-1052, Inst For Telecom Educ Contrib Credit, MCPHERSON--FEELEY

SB00-007, Telecom & Technologies Council, PHILLIPS--(NONE)

SB00-012, Deregulate Retail Telecom Services, MUSGRAVE--(NONE)


HB00-1010, Eliminate Implicit Subsidies, MCKAY--(NONE)

HB00-1026 Family Resource Centers, WITWER--EVANS

HB00-1044, Methamphetamine Precursors, DECKER--EVANS

HB00-1046, The Supplemental Public Securities Act, SPENCE--TECK

HB00-1083, Work Force Investment Act, BERRY--OWEN

HB00-1084, Paycheck Protection, MAY--ANDREWS

HB00-1086, Offset For Social Security, GOTLIEB--MUSGRAVE

HB00-1110, Privacy Protection Act, GORDON--(NONE)

HB00-1112 Reg Analysis Of Rules Impacting Sm Biz, GROSSMAN--(NONE)

HB00-1144, Gov Cand Selects Lieut Gov Cand, SINCLAIR--(NONE)

HB00-1147, Prohibit New Common-Law Marriages, YOUNG--(NONE)

HB00-1157, Prohibit ATM Surcharges, COLEMAN--(NONE)

HB00-1189, Bingo Regulation, JOHNSON--DENNIS

HB00-1194, Campaign Finance, GEORGE--(NONE)

HB00-1196, Resort Complex Liquor License, MCELHANY--(NONE)

HB00-1206, Right To Work, MAY--HILLMAN

HB00-1217, Campaign Activity In State Elections, TUPA--(NONE)

HB00-1248, Retaliatory Discrimination Protection, CHAVEZ--(NONE)

HB00-1249, Strengthen The Marriage Relationship, PASCHALL--ANDREWS

SB00-001, County & Muni Development Rights, HILLMAN--STENGEL

SB00-005, Rural Legacy Grants Program, SULLIVANT--PLANT

SB00-029, Nuisance Suits Against Ag Operations, HILLMAN--YOUNG

SB00-038, Minimum Fair Wage, THIEBAUT--(NONE)

SB00-045, Marriages Between One Man & One Woman, MUSGRAVE--MITCHELL

SB00-061, CCHE Nonprofit Tech Research Authority, ANDERSON--YOUNG

SB00-073, Repeal Federal Mandates Act, LACY--TOOL

SB00-079, Travelers Bill Of Rights, TECK--LARSON

SB00-080, Unfair Business Practices Protection, PERLMUTTER--SPRADLEY

SB00-085, State Grants For Libraries, DENNIS--DEAN

SB00-096, Vested Property Rights, ANDERSON--MCPHERSON

SB00-106, Insurance Deregulation, OWEN--TAYLOR

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