Libertarianism for the Masses

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Libertarianism for the Masses

by Ari Armstrong, September 1999

For several weeks I considered entering the 2000 race for State Representative as a Libertarian Party candidate. I decided against it, simply because I already have too much going on in my life and I wouldn't have time to mount an effective campaign. (By "effective" I mean one in which I educated many voters about free-market ideas and won enough votes to make the main parties nervous.)

I wrote up some notes about what I might like to go in my brochure, though, which I thought might be interesting to advocates of liberty. These are, to me, the major issues of libertarian politics, simplified and summarized for mass consumption.


I am a libertarian. I believe that the government which governs least, governs best. Social power should rest with individuals and voluntary organizations, not with politicians and bureaucrats. I believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Live and let live!

To paraphrase Senator Goldwater, moderation which permits injustice and tyranny is a vice, and extremism in defense of Liberty is a noble virtue. My purpose in the state legislature is to initiate incremental change, always in the direction of more freedom.


Parents, part of your responsibility is to provide for your childrens' education. When you trade that responsibility for education welfare, you give politicians and bureaucrats control over the hearts and minds of your children. It's past time we incrementally return control over education back to parents and voluntary associations.

Guns and Crime

Are you tired of Republicans selling out your right to own guns to anti-gun zealots? Not only will I oppose any further attempt to limit gun rights, I will fight to roll back the gun controls that now exist. An armed society is a safe society. Violent crime in Australia sky-rocketed after that country passed anti-gun laws. States in the U.S. that allow citizens to carry concealed guns consistently show decreases in crime.

In addition to working for your right of self-defense, I want to make sure the police cannot take your property without a criminal conviction. I also want to re-focus police efforts on reducing violent crime and theft, rather than pursuing victimless crimes.


Do you want government to grow bigger fast or slow? That's the choice offered to you by the "Republi-crats." But that's not good enough. I want an absolute freeze on the spending of the state government. Once we accomplish that, we can work on REDUCING the amount of money the government takes from you every year.

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