Call for Congress to PHASE-OUT Social Security

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Call for Congress to PHASE-OUT Social Security

Please sign this document and mail it to your Senators and Representatives in the United States Congress. Please distribute copies of the text in paper and e-mail format to all those who may also be interested in signing.

WHEREAS the Social Security tax is regressive, largely taking from the less-wealthy in order to give to the more-wealthy, and,

WHEREAS the Social Security tax has always been a spend-as-you-go program rather than a true investment program, and,

WHEREAS the Social Security tax is a ponzi or pyramid type scheme in which the early recipients of the benefits received far more than they ever paid into the system, while the younger generations today will pay far more than they will ever receive, and,

WHEREAS the number of people who receive benefits from Social Security relative to the number of people who pay the tax is expected to increase drastically within the next few decades, creating an unbearable strain on the economy, and,

WHEREAS the Social Security tax was created more as a politically expedient way of pushing elderly workers out of the labor force during the Great Depression rather than because of any real need for charity, and,

WHEREAS the Social Security tax creates inter-generational strife, and,

WHEREAS nearly every individual in the United States, including me, is capable of making his or her own plans for savings and retirement, and,

WHEREAS any type of mandatory, regulated savings account would violate the freedom of the individual to decide how to spend his or her hard-earned money,

THEREFORE, I hereby solemnly swear to renounce any and all Social Security benefits for myself, refusing to partake of this ill-conceived transfer program, and,

FURTHERMORE, I call on the United States Congress to PHASE-OUT the Social Security tax by increasing the age at which benefits are paid by three months every year, into perpetuity, and to check increases in benefits of those who receive funds from Social Security.

Respectfully Signed,


Find the addresses of your representatives in Congress!

See the clean-text version, perfect for printing and mailing to your Congresspersons!

If you agree that Social Security is a bad idea and should be PHASED-OUT, but you aren't ready to sign away your benefits, please sign the watered-down document that omits the renunciation of benefits. It's at nosspledge2.html.

Several people have asked me to expand upon the ethics of renouncing Social Security benefits. Read my comments on the matter at noss_explanation.html.

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