Juan Adame Sainz, American Hero

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Juan Adame Sainz, American Hero

by Ari Armstrong, March 1999

Judge Daniel B. Sparr of the US District Court of Denver sentenced Juan Adame Sainz to 15 months imprisonment for hiring illegal immigrants on Colorado's Western Slope. Adame will likely be deported after serving his term, even though he has a wife and two daughters living in the States (Rocky Mountain News, February 24, 1999, page 7A, article by Hector Gutierrez).

The State calls this man a criminal. I call him an American Hero.

Adame deserves our admiration for helping nearly 100 Mexican nationals find better work and a better way of life for themselves and their families. He also deserves our praise for providing less expensive, quality services to customers across the Western Slope. Juan Adame Sainz is a benefactor of humanity, an entrepreneur, and a model citizen. He realizes that "an unjust law is no law at all," and that sometimes civil disobedience is the only humane course. Though he lost it all in the end, he proved that the American dream is alive and well, at least in a few places. Immigrants can still make a better way for themselves in this land where Freedom used to reign supreme.

Now, those who practice Freedom, those who work to create a better life for themselves and others through strictly voluntary interaction, are labeled "criminals." But I call the State the criminal.

Judge Sparr said, "Same old story, counsel. It's greed!" The judge had it right, but directed his sarcasm in the wrong direction. Adame engaged only in voluntaristic, mutually beneficial exchanges. "Greed" or no, this is perfectly moral, perfectly beneficial activity. "Greed" in its negative sense, meaning greed that hurts other people, was practiced solely by the State and the special interests who jockey to control it. It was destructive greed that allowed the unions and other organizations to create forcible monopolies in the labor market. It is destructive greed that permits certain US Citizens to practice their xenophobia and keep out people of different ethnicities. It is destructive greed that allows so many so-called "law" enforcers to pilfer tax-dollars for a wholly immoral, economically damaging, and rights-violating purpose.

The only thing Adame is "guilty" of is bringing together workers and customers in mutually beneficial exchanges. Adame manifests the essence of the true American spirit. These other miscreants, who dare use the force of government to benefit special-interest groups and throw competitors in jail, are not worthy of the name, American.

What is Adame "guilty" of? Providing contracting and farming work. Useful, needed jobs. I know. My grandfather has spent his life raising peaches in Palisade. I put in many days planting trees, shoveling manure, thinning and picking peaches with my grandfather. It was good, honest money and I'm better for the experience. He also hired Mexican nationals for many years to thin and pick his peaches. They were hard-working employees who appreciated my grandfather, as he treated them well, even paying my Uncle Joe to cook terrific meals out in the Cook House, which I frequented as a boy. The Mexicans were happy to have a relatively high-paying job in a relatively pleasant environment. After picking cotton in the winter, they would say, "We're on vacation here!"

One day a prissy white man came to ask my grandfather for a job. After my grandfather told the man what the going rate of pay was, the man said, "Why, I can make more than that on welfare!" My grandfather in anger stormed, "Then you go get on welfare, you worthless SOB!" The American spirit is more alive in the Mexicans working illegally for Juan Adame Sainz than it is in altogether too many US citizens. It is a shame that we will no longer be able to benefit from the services and high ethical standards of these Mexican immigrants.

The State may have sentenced Juan Adame Sainz to prison. But it passed judgment only on itself.

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