Colorado's Not Ready for a Vermont-Style Concealed Carry Law

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Colorado's Not Ready for a
Vermont-Style Concealed Carry Law

by Linn Armstrong, March 1999

Why shouldn't Colorado implement a Vermont-style concealed carry law?

Philosophically, I agree with a Vermont type of concealed weapons permit -- in Vermont.

Here in Colorado, history dictates we look at concealed weapons differently.

The Colorado Constitution is one of the strongest in the Union in regards to protecting Second Amendment rights. In the same breath, the Constitution is very explicit about carrying concealed firearms.

The Colorado Constitution has not allowed a tradition of carrying concealed firearms that other states may have. As a result, many citizens of Colorado, both shooters and non-shooters, do not understand the need to carry a firearm concealed. Those who are purists in fighting for a Vermont-style permit have not won the hearts and minds of these two groups of needed supporters. As a result, Colorado does not have any type of state-issued permit, though one is badly needed.

One could wonder who is more effective at keeping people from legally carrying concealed firearms: the purists who will accept only a Vermont-style law, or Handgun Control Inc. As much as we like to blame former Governor Roy Romer for not having a concealed weapons permit in Colorado, the purists share some of the responsibility. They have insisted on an all-or-nothing permit, and what we've got is nothing. States such as Texas and Alaska, on the other hand, started out with less-than-perfect permit systems which have improved every year.

As my grandfather once said, "If we had waited for Henry Ford to develop a 'perfect' car before we bought one, we would still be riding that jackass out in the pasture." Let us work together to implement a less-than-ideal concealed weapons permit - now. Let us work together to make the concealed weapons permit better - now. With that cooperation, we can make a stronger concealed carry law in the future.

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